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I have been writing prose fiction since 2002. I have completed 3, so far unpublished, novels, and literally several short-stories. My stories have been published in Aesthetica, Raw Edge and Birmingham Words magazines.

I am very happy to excahnge reads - I will usually manage to read a piece within a couple of weeks, but it depends on how many other books I have to read, and how much writing I have to do.

I am looking for honest and constructive criticism. Please don't back my book in the hope that I will back yours - it defeats the object. If you think it's good enough, that's great. If you don't , then say why; I will return the favour and be as honest as I can regardless of your opinion of my writing.

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Frankenstein, Being Dead, Possession, Great Expectations

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Over The Town

Jason Jawando

Paul Allen is dead, jumped, pushed or fallen from the bridge. Everyone in town knew Paul, and everyone thinks they know what happened.

The narrator mourns the death of his longtime friend Paul Allen. Sharing racially mixed backgrounds in a bigoted, and often violent, small town had given them something in common; however, Paul's relationship with girlfriend Jo from nearby town Chartishead has put a strain on the friendship.
On the day of the funeral rumours are circulating Wanington, their hometown. Was Jo seeing someone behind Paul's back? Was Paul pushed over the bridge by an adversary from his past, or pushed over the edge by the stresses of his relationship?
As the funeral progresses the tensions in the friendship are brutally revealed.


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I wrote 1635 days ago

I have read the first two chapters. This is well-written, with a particularly vivid and convincing fictional world. There seem to be a lot of fantasy epics around at the moment, and many of them suffer from being far too over-the-top with the swords and sorcery, and not attention to the details of... view book

I wrote 1636 days ago

I have read through the first chapter up to Reed's first morning in the prison, and skimmed through the rest of the chapter. This is well written, with a good sense of place and atmosphere in particular. Unfortunately I found myself wishing that the narrative would get to the point. There seemed ... view book

I wrote 1636 days ago

I have read the first two chapters. The title and the premise are original and intriguing and I'm glad I've finally made the time to read it. This is well-written, funny and imaginative and certainly lives up to the promise of your pitch. That said, I'm not in your target audience which is quite ... view book

I wrote 1642 days ago

I have read the first four chapters and enjoyed this very much. The three central characters are all very compelling, and you switch in and out of their conciousnesses with ease. I also found the addtional characters you introduced in the fourth chapter rounded and interesting too. I think you ... view book

I wrote 1642 days ago

I have read the first two chapters. I think that the plot shows a lot of promise: the idea of people in different parts of the world having uncanny experiences at the same time is intriguing. I read as far as I did hoping to learn more. Sadly, I don't think it quite lives up to expectations. T... view book

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