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I'm a chemical engineer working in air quality, mainly estimating pollution for industry.

I have always read a lot, and thought it might be fun to write something for myself, where I wouldn't be dissapointed with how an author doesn't reach the potential of their ideas.
Currently I have a few ideas for books, and hopefully over time I will develop them further and see how they go.

**I am still writing my book, Bad Blood, and uploading as I go.

As it is not finished, I would like as much feedback as I can get in terms of direction, if things are making sense, and generally everything.
If you don't like it, please tell me why.

I am glad to read swap, but please if you ask, go first. It's only polite.

I tend to give people a lot of feedback, so please if you read mine let me know what you think, don't hold back.

In terms of backing, I back if I think you write well, or your ideas are incredible and only need some polish to be amazing.**

favourite books

Most of James Rollins' books (Sigma series, etc.)
The Dresden Files series from Jim Butcher
Andy McDermott's books
Matthew Reilly's
Eye of Ra, Firebird and Rare Earth (Michael Asher)
Honour Among Thieves (Jeffrey Archer)
Skeleton Coast, Dragon (Clive Cussler)
The Schumann Frequency (Christopher Ride)

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my books

Bad Blood

Mitch Kelly

First-person recount of an action-packed journey from thief to engineered vampire analogue, injected with dark humour and cutting-edge science, with a jaded, strongly masculine voice.

Vampires aren’t real. They are simply creatures of mythology, useful back in the day for scaring kids, nowadays all they’re good for is entertainment.
Pissed off ex-thieves, ‘augmented’ through tissue and biomedical engineering to become vampire simulations, though?
They are real. I would know; I am one.

That’s right. Against my will, I was made into a freak of nature by a bunch of scientists.
You think that sounds like a good thing? Try waking up and finding you've become a super-albino, addicted to consuming blood like a junkie. Then see if you think it sounds cool.

Through three months of surgeries they gave me as many vampiric traits as they could mimic with their extensive technology, and called me a ‘pseudo-vampire’.

Instead, they should have called me what I was – a ticking time bomb. From the moment I woke up in their cell, I had only two things on my mind: escape, and revenge.

Let me tell you one thing now. They picked the wrong man to play God with.

You want to know how I got all of these scars? Let me tell you a little story...


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LiveinPI wrote 36 days ago

Have you ever wondered about what happens to a human soul after death....

AliyaM.books wrote 42 days ago

Hi! Would you be interested in a book swap? Mila takes place during 4....

Olivia Booth wrote 195 days ago

Oh no worries. I wasn't offended :-) its my first go at a book like t....

Olivia Booth wrote 197 days ago

Hi Mitch, thanks for the backing. I will admit, it took me by surpris....

Olivia Booth wrote 198 days ago

I will keep your suggestions in my back pocket for later revisions. :....

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I wrote 385 days ago

Great writing Maurice - after the first couple of chapters that I've read, I couldn't find any flaws. The first two chapters have excellent hooks to keep the reader going - even though the bulk of the chapters are intriguing too. Definitely backing and reading through to the end. Cheers, Mitch... view book

I wrote 385 days ago

This is quite well written. Not too much build up or backstory, just the right amount The only error I saw after two chapters was "He tone", which I think should be "Her tone" - when Fen tells Konrad she can't pick it up. Each chapter has had a decent enough hook to keep the reader turning the pag... view book

I wrote 385 days ago

I must admit, your pitch made me think of a twelve year old putting together a ridiculous fan-fic Constantine set in their high school. It was actually fairly compelling - though hard to read with the formatting. view book

I wrote 1131 days ago

Hi KDVal, Here is my Brutal Honesty Group crit. Plot: I would speed up the opening in terms of plot. The prologue didn't add anything as it stands, and the hotel room scene in chapter 1 is a little long-winded for no real plot movement. I'd go with the Lotte meeting and then shooting as the f... view book

I wrote 1175 days ago

Hi Lisa, Chapter 1: - "He sped through the acres and acres of farmland that surround the" To my ear surrounded rings better. Also, the next sentence sounded very odd. "This castle" sounds strange if there is noone actually saying this (while indicating it somehow) - otherwise just "The castle" s... view book

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