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Paul Richards has lived an international life. Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo he spent most of his youth in central Africa and Belgium. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute he has made a career in film and video production and marketing. An artist all his life, “The 4th Kind” is his first novel. Richards weaves this story from real life cross-culture experiences and a rich imagination into an exciting adventure. The author and his wife live in Texas where he directs the communications for his company and fills his life’s mission as an abstract painter and photographer.

You are invited to take a look at The 4th Kind and give your reaction. It's primary target is a younger audience but differs from contemporary fantasy stories that are so popular among writers today.

If you think the book sounds like a memoir, you are right, but it is also an adventure into what teens thought and liked in 1965.

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The 4th Kind

Paul Richards

Only fifteen and kidnapped by a society of telepathic machines, Bud must run for his life. But where can he run? He's on a spaceship.

It was the summer of 1965, and Bud was freshly fifteen years old when he experienced a dreadful adventure few people have imagined. The instant he told my family and friends, he ran into a wall of disbelief. Today, a half century later, he still finds none who believe his close encounter of the fourth kind. Bud has lived his entire adult life with the memory of this incident. Did it change the direction or outcome of his life? Probably. He believes the time has come to tell my story to all who will read it. People have a right to know this goes on in our universe. This is the first time the account has been put into print and now readers can judge for themselves.

You can enjoy this story even if you do not believe this story is true; it can still be an enjoyable adventure. His adventure can be your adventure if it is only in your imagination and you don’t really believe that all this happened to him.


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Thank you for your kind words, Paul!

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Hi Ruko, Thank you for reading again and for you encouraging comments. I do plan to self-publish this and will be making it available in epub. I am still doing the final edit...but is there ever a true "final" edit. Stay tuned. Paul view book

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