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I would like to thank Becky Glass for such a professional, perceptive and objective review which I found incredibly moving. My thanks also go to all the people who have encouraged and supported me over the past months.


For the children of parent/s with alcohol, drug or mental health problems the issues raised in my writing are still as relevant today and affect the lives of many children who may never find a voice.

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Breath In The Dark

Jane Hersey

"One day your big mouth will get you into trouble," my father told me. For 25 years I kept quiet.

A six-year old child with sole care of a mother suffering with clinical depression, diabetes and eating disorders; ostracized by the Jewish community and the community at large; socially isolated, neglected, physically, emotionally and sexually abused and living in poverty.

This is the first of three manuscripts written soon after I came out of a psychotherapeutic community in 1984.

My story is told through the thoughts and voice of a traumatized, isolated child, enduring the stresses and strains of day to day life under difficult circumstances.

My genre is factual meaning, my writing is not contrived or used for best effect. I tell it how it was in my own words and writing style.


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I wrote 1151 days ago

' Andalucia ' You have the rare ability to make the reader share your feelings and emotions, yet never too much to be overwhelming . The story is powerful and well written. Your writing is not contrived or fabricated and that makes it all the more moving. Jane 'Silent in the Shadows ' view book

I wrote 1162 days ago

'Beneath Such A Green Tree ' I can only imagine how much effort and research has gone into your writing. The fascinating characters, time frame and vivid descriptions make for a compelling read. By far the best work of Historical Fiction on this site and one that deserves publication. Jane ... view book

I wrote 1166 days ago

' Mother Knows Best ' I have read the first chapters of your well written and imaginative manuscript. The opening of your story draws the reader in and is effective in getting attention. You have a clear focus on setting the characters in a futuristic time frame and I was able to visualise everyt... view book

I wrote 1183 days ago

' The Contractor ' The characters and your use of realistic and believable dialogue makes this a solid read. The writing is powerful and descriptive and the reader is drawn in by a convincing imagination. Jane 'Breath in the Dark ' view book

I wrote 1185 days ago

My only expectation in life as a child was to hear my mother breathing. Hence, the title 'Breath in the Dark.' This story is written through the eyes of a child whose only 'sense of self' is gained from her body smell, as well as the smell and behaviour of her mother. What is paramount in this st... view book

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