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about me


and thanks for stopping by.

A little bit of info 'about me' ...

Former feature writer/ad manager for very small rural newspaper.

First girl in my town to enter the "Punt, Pass and Kick" football competition. (Won respect only)

Midwest "Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion" (bruised but lived to tell the story)

Work featured in "Baby Talk Magazine," "Sesame St. Parent's Guide Magazine," "True Confessions"

(The football competition came before the job, btw) :)

Not interested in the desk, but love to have folks read and comment on my book. Since that rarely happens without swapping reads, may have to adjust my thinking about that, but for now, not playing the autho games.

Jesus and the journey to understand Him and His teachings is constantly swirling around in my mind, as well as thoughts of horses, countrysides and finding the perfect photo opportunity to share with others ... please feel free to visit my blog to view my photos!

favourite books

The Thread That Runs So True, Jesse Stuart

All Creatures Great and Small, James Herriot

The Day Lincoln Was Shot

Archie Comics :)

Books by Philip Yancy

my websites

http://rubytaylor11.blogspot.com/     http://www.youtube.com/user/11RubyJ

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my books

Beyond Deer Trail


As tragedy targets all he holds dear, James Weathers' reaction entangles an entire mountain community, including Randall Hepp, a troubled teen with nothing to lose.

Faith and tragedy collide as secrets and a series of events threaten to completely unravel the fabric of a small town nestled deep in the mountains of West Virginia.


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MMaguire wrote 1 day ago

Thanks for remembering me! Good luck with your netflix. If you watch ....

LisaToohey wrote 4 days ago

Something to make you smile :) http://therecord.blogs.com/a_reason_f....

Lindsay Cross wrote 7 days ago

Look forward to hearing from you. From across the world. Lindsay

LittleDevil wrote 8 days ago

How's it going, Rubes? x

ReconPilot wrote 10 days ago

I replied with some things off the top of my head. I've seen problem....

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I wrote 133 days ago

Okay, just read the introduction for the second time and made some notes. I will say that there is something about this introduction that is rather charming - if not, I would have skipped it. Why? Because to be honest, I really feel it is bogged down with too much information, especially considering... view book

I wrote 334 days ago

Wow....I really don't know what else to say. Wow. What a haunting, painful story that rips at the heart. I am not quite sure what to say, because I am still processing it, and it is too painful for me to read over again for any specific suggestions. Oh, I do have one. My biggest compliment is that w... view book

I wrote 354 days ago

Hi Lesa:) This is my much overdue reading of your book - I am so sorry for the delay. I read the first two chapters of "FInding Us", and very much enjoyed how just the first paragraph sucks the reader into this story. I especially admired the following parts - "yesterday's make-up and some hairy ... view book

I wrote 363 days ago

Hi Carol, Just read your first two chapters....what a lovely story you have blooming here! Your descriptive voice is very strong, and ushered me quickly into feeling as though I was standing right there in the kitchen with Bess and Mary. I felt so sorry for the poor injured horse....and also ... view book

I wrote 365 days ago

Hi there, Just read your first two chapters. Wow! I love your writing style. The story is easy to follow and not overly worded - I love how you have so many gems sprinkled throughout - "heart climbing my rib cage", "panicky animal", "brittle joy" - stunning use of descriptives. You are the type o... view book

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