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Hi all. Born and buttered in the Emerald isle, best place on the planet.
I am here to enjoy the craic and get constructive comments on my writings and return the same to other hopefuls.
footnote: I noticed that some look for swaps; merely read mine and add to shelf or watchlist and I will return same without question. gracias.
Silly me...I forgot to mention, in case some of you have managed to reach chapter 12 in any of my books; THEY DON'T HAVE A CHAPTER 13 ...I am very superstitious!

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Likes; Historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, crime thrillers-Tolkien genre, Patterson, Milligan etc.

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Pat J Kane

It would take a special man to survive going back in time to medieval Gloucestershire; Philip Carmichael is that special man.

Philip Carmichael has extraordinary talents but he is not yet aware of them. While spelunking in Deepwell, he falls to an undiscovered cavern and finds alien remains. He searches the body and removes two strange bracelets. Squinting against a sudden flash, a searing pain rushes through him and Philip disappears.

He awakes in the 11th century bewildered and sees that the alien is barely alive. It touches his mind and attempts to inform Philip what has happened. While he struggles to understand the alien’s meanings, it dies. Its spirit bonds with Philip, slowly bringing forth his hidden abilities.

Philip establishes a camp in the cavern and realises he can manufacture exceptional merchandise incorporating alien materials. He sets out on a path of discovery when introducing himself and his goods to the medieval populace of Gloucestershire. The spirit guides and assists Philip with all tasks, giving him the belief he will find a means to return to the 20th century.

Philip never enquires of the spirit why it has arrived on Earth; the thought to do so fades from his mind when close to the body. In fact, the alien spirit has its own agenda; an agenda involving the expected one.


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hockgtjoa wrote 18 days ago

Thanks for your frank views. Thanks for the advice, especially about ....

tone099 wrote 23 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 25 days ago

Pat, How's your muse treating you these days? My book "The North Kor....

Spilota wrote 43 days ago

Pat, Thank you so much. Your support's appreciated. And good luck ....

K E Shaw wrote 43 days ago

hehehe - thanks, Pat! virtual *mwah* and hug for all your support t....

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I wrote 18 days ago

HFRG Hi Hock, I have been slated for being TOO straight forward, and I'm afraid that I will be again. I love Roman, Medieval and Greek history/mythology and was looking forward to return your read; however, when I read the 1st line, a red warning light appeared; 'In August, Greece is always and e... view book

I wrote 148 days ago

Hi Kir, I don't read other comments because they may influence my opinion or view. I know you are 'flying high' but the 1st para has errors! Where did the pony and garden come from? You presume that the reader is already aware of their existence; 'Victoria rode THE pony'...'through THE garden' W... view book

I wrote 207 days ago

HFRG Hi John, I have briefly looked through the first LONG chapter. There are too many typo distractions for me to comment honestly. You continue throughout the chapter mentioning places, things and people as if the reader is already aware of them; the convents, the great public offices, the ca... view book

I wrote 215 days ago

WFT Hi Alistair, Read through the first chapter and...wow...it flowed as I tittered throughout...love the last line after all 'chit chit' = 'It was only then that I realised his office didn't have a door.' Having read it, I returned to 'scan' for errors...bastard! I enjoy finding them and offe... view book

I wrote 228 days ago

WFT Hi Joshua (what does the 'J' stand for? I don't want to hazard a guess), Just read the prologue and I am pleased to announce that I actually enjoyed it: not into horror at all. I have noted some 'annoying' repetitive words, she, her etc, in sentences. Try to cut down on them. Also, you use ... view book

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