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ex- Royal Naval officer / teacher / headteacher / professor of mathematics and philosophy.

Many thanks to Miguel Lamiel for the cover design for my book "Variae Lectiones".

You may contact me on rogerthurling@hotmail.com

Sorry I've been offline so long (653 days from 31 Dec 2010 to 11 Mar 2013).

I've decided that since at well over a million words my working copy of Variae Lectiones is now more than twice as long as the current Authonomy version the time has come to close further reading of the Authonomy version.

favourite books

Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne,
Clarissa by Samuel Richardson,
Ulysses by James Joyce.
Most things by William Faulkner and Vladimir Nabokov.

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I wrote 1229 days ago

I read lots of different parts of this and I enjoyed almost all of the parts I read, but for much of the time I didn't know what was going on. This needs, and I hope deserves a thorough, careful read through of every paragraph, in order. I believe that would make sense out of it. Something else it... view book

I wrote 1230 days ago

In brief: Interesting, but if this is only about a fifth of the whole novel - where's it going? Do you have it planned to the end? The various viewpoints work, but they could work even better if the waysof thinking of the different characters were more radically different. I entirely agree with t... view book

I wrote 1230 days ago

This is very good writing, but sometimes almost too painful to bear. It makes one think, not for the first time, that the behaviour of people is sometimes wholly inexplicable - how can a woman return to a man who beats her ... and again, and again. Yet there are fascinating stories here to be read, ... view book

I wrote 1268 days ago

This is great stuff though, as usual when reading about Ireland, I feel that Ireland is stranger to the average Englishman than Outer Mongolia. RT view book

I wrote 1271 days ago

Fine book. Terrible title. RT view book

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