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I'm thrilled to announce that Ramadan Sky is going to be published by HarperCollins in ebook format and will be available on amazon from September 26 (pre order from today, September 23rd.)

I have reposted the first four revised chapters of the book here ahead of publication.

Thank you to all the people who have read and commented on and backed Ramadan Sky.

I loved the generous feedback and the opportunity to read so many interesting books on this site.

favourite books

At the Bottom of the River - Jamaica Kincaid

Leaf Storm - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In Cold Blood - Truman Capote

my websites

http://nichola.hunter.blogspot.com.au     http://www.amazon.com/Ramadan-Sky-ebook/dp/B00DAK6

HarperCollins is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

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Ramadan Sky

Nichola Hunter

Ramadan Sky has already been published by HarperCollns in e-book format and is available at amazon online stores and other e-book outlets.

Ramadan Sky began its journey on authonomy in November 2011, and was picked up by the authonomy team and published in September 2013. My great thanks to Rachel and the whole team. You can read the first four chapters here. I do not need a backing but you may want to purchase the book if you enjoy this sample.

He is snorkelling – waving his thin arms around in the inexpert way he did in Bali – but this time he is naked and asleep, eyes shut tight, crawling like a shrimp across the crisp linen. He chats away to her in a high-pitched voice, sometimes in English and sometimes in Indonesian. She wonders whether the conversations they have when he is awake make any more sense than those when he is asleep. And what the hell she is doing here with him in this inhospitable place. The morning call to prayer rings out as he suddenly opens his eyes to find her watching him. They begin their dance without speaking, desire rising and breaking like waves while the voice outside continues to proclaim the greatness of God.


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I wrote 142 days ago

Lovely succinct, well-edited writing. I am only going on the first chapter but will be back to read some more. view book

I wrote 203 days ago

I'm thinking how good your opening paragraph might be if you switched sentence one and sentence three around? "Josie ... drilled her way down Figueroa St like a quarterback...." That way you start with some action - it gives it pace and kick and a funny metaphor to boot..(pun intended). (I'm not l... view book

I wrote 206 days ago

Wow - this is fantastic - it reminds me of "the Curious incident of the dog in the Night time except it is so much better - more authentic, less "clever clever" and far more emotive. Sheez - where has this book been hiding? view book

I wrote 236 days ago

I was lucky enough to know about this book two months ago, when I had one of my biggest life crises to date. This is not a self help book in that it does not endeavour to propose the adoption of any particular set of beliefs or provide a system of thought/behaviour. It simply contains a variety o... view book

I wrote 237 days ago

What a fabulous preface! Bowled over. I am coming back to read more - and I am absolutely not just saying that. Spi told me about this book a month ago and I somehow forgot to check it out. I can't wait to see your review (there's not much point me backing you as it is 31 August today) view book

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