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I'm here to support my beautiful and talented wife (Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson) and to read some great books. There is so much talent on this site it makes for great reading. Good luck to everyone!

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The Dark Eye - Ingrid Black
Stephen King
The Far Side - Gary Larson

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J.Wickham wrote 451 days ago

Thank you so much for the backing, sir!

barina wrote 564 days ago

Hi there Just a quick note to say thanks so much for your continued ....

miacia7 wrote 627 days ago

This is my first book, the death of my son gave me the strength to st....

Stark Silvercoin wrote 629 days ago

We did it. We got Emmett Delaney’s One Wrong Turn to the desk where i....

TDonna wrote 629 days ago

Dear pairofkings, I've got three of a kind :)) Oh, I just couldn't r....

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I wrote 938 days ago

gripping! hooked me right in. looking forward to reading on. your writing flows effortlessly making for easy reading - my kind of book. view book

I wrote 975 days ago

Hey, Thoroughly enjoyed the first chapter and second chapters. Your writing style flows well making for easy reading. Good descriptions and character building, I could visualize the scenes and began drawing the characters in my mind. I look forward to reading on further when i have another chanc... view book

I wrote 991 days ago

Hi Christy, the story line is intriguing and i will come back to read further, but i too agree for the need to spell check your work, as the typo's break my reading and stop the flow. Good luck! Pairofkings view book

I wrote 991 days ago

Great read so far. I agree with other comments: engaging right from the start, great flow and easy to read, great imagery and descriptions. Look forward to reading on and finding out how the story unfolds. Good luck in the charts! view book

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