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Fire Wizard, book 1 of The Nirikarr Shift, and book 2, Masters of the Wind are now available on Amazon for Kindle Books.The complete story will be told in a series of 4 books

I have now finished turning the first two books together into a TV series called The Nirikarr Shift.

I started to write after I retired and my science fiction/fantasy adventure series is written with young adults in mind, but not exclusively so.

I am now 69, live in Prudhoe, in the Tyne valley, Northumberland, where I am involved in Am Drams as actor and director.

favourite books

Magician by Raymond Feist plus all the follow ups
Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson plus follow ups
Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind plus follow ups
The Many Coloured Land by Julian May plus follow ups
Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds plus follow ups
Otherland by Tad Williams plus follow ups
Anything by Bill Bryson
Anything by Terry Pratchett

Authonomy Favorites:
Apocalypse Then 1&2 - Daniel DeLacy
Not a Man - M.A. McRae
GoldOrchid - Frank McGrath
The Psalter - Galen Watson

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Demons from the Earth. Book 3 ....

Sylvia Lumley

Anna and Michael are stranded in the desert. Pell isn't far behind. Will he find them in time?

Not satisfied with terraforming Anna's planet and seeding it with life from Earth, some of the Nirikarr people have never given up wanting the earth for themselves.

But what crashed at Tunguska in Siberia in 1908? Nelli's people believe their ship was destroyed, but it had flown inside a giant sinkhole where a plan to take over the Earth and destroy humankind has been in the planning ever since. Now Anna and Michael are agents for the Nirikarr, the first able to travel between worlds, the renegade group fears discovery and sends agents to kill them.

The couple have three days leave and a translocation device disguised as a hen's egg.

Then Nelli, their Nirikarr friend, shows up on Earth to warn them of danger. But all three are captured and wake up in a dark cellar. After seeing Nelli's alien face, the boy who finds them flees, screaming about demons from out of the ground.

Their egg is gone, and when they follow the boy, they find a desert land of sand and camels and people in blue robes. Without resources, how will they survive? It's only dawn, the heat is oppressive, and they haven't even got any water.


Masters of the Wind: Book II ....

Sylvia Lumley

Anna and Michael plan to marry. The problem is they come from different planets and ruthless people are out to get them.

Anna and Michael escape from the Fire Wizard in Chicago and use his silver sphere, to go to Anna's world of small farming communities where they plan to marry?

But when they try it again, they are diverted to a place with a ferocious wind. The device is confiscated by strange beings and they end up alone on their own home worlds. Separated, with no way of contacting the other, they each vow to find a way back.

After finding a picture of the beings in a book, Anna and her friends, embark on a perilous journey to a monastery with an famous ancient library to ask the monks for help. But someone will stop at nothing to prevent her from discovering the truth.

Michael learns of a second device and tracks down the one ruthless man who may know where it is, the captain from Anna’s world. But Michael finds himself in mortal danger as he follows this man across our world.

But who are these Masters of the Wind with so much power? And what do they want? Both Anna and Michael find tantalizing clues and suspect there are some people on both worlds who know the answers.


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scottkenny wrote 34 days ago

Hello Sylvia, thank you for your support. I've watchlisted your book....

Big Daddy wrote 35 days ago

Hi Sylvia, Good luck in London. I'm getting ready to publish book 3. ....

LiveinPI wrote 35 days ago

This is Mrs. B. If you have a sense of humor please give my story a r....

tone099 wrote 42 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

aishababy29 wrote 109 days ago

I am Aisha! How are you? hope you are fine and in perfect condition ....

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I wrote 746 days ago

This is great fun to read but I do wish there were more, shorter, paragraphs. It outfaces me somewhat, like I've too much on my plate and it puts me off. I would prefer smaller helpings and have to go back for more. Even so, it's worth the bother. view book

I wrote 892 days ago

Love this. It promises to be as good as the first in this series. For my taste it has just a few too many adjectives, only at the very beginning. It's as though you are trying too hard. (Aren't we all?) I would lose the ones I've bracketed. - her ruby red (painted) lips - puckered (half) smile ... view book

I wrote 926 days ago

I was enjoying the story very much but got fed up with the typos. I have pages of errors, most of them so obvious that it's clear you haven't bothered. I'm sure you are going to edit this sometime in the next century and I'll wait until you have. In the meantime I will back and rate this because I ... view book

I wrote 935 days ago

I'm really enjoying this. It rattles along and keeps you interested. I like the two cops and their interplay and their dialogue comes over as authentic. I'm trying to decide if I like the constant p.o.v shifts or not. It doesn't interfere with the flow. I did find a sentence I couldn't quite ma... view book

I wrote 947 days ago

This is the very first time (and possibly the last) that I've ever looked at a book because of a cold request. And I'm very glad I did. I think it will be a sure fire hit. On this web-site you need to delete everything before chapter 1, including the prologue (it will be OK in print but not here.... view book

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