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Hello. I am new to all of this. I never really took up an interest in writing before, but recently I was fired from my job for upsetting my boss's stepdaughter. So I decided to do what many others say they will do, but never finish. I wrote a book.

Sorry, I'm behind on reads, I'll get to return reads first.
I give honest feedback and often do an in-depth analysis. I don't blow smoke around, unless it's warranted.
Some things I examine:
Plot (consistency/weak points/believability)
Sentence structure
Paragraph structure
Tense usage
*I'm not an expert, not even close. I play it by ear, what it sounds like to me.

So here is what I aim to achieve through my writings. A lot of people want to write a story, attempting to captivate their audience and be enjoyed by a wide range of people. I want to achieve so much more.
I want to force you to re-evaluate your own life and world. I want to change how people think, open their eyes to a whole new perspective. I want characters who are deeply flawed and struggling every step of the way to come to grips with their own inner demons. I want plots thicker than clay, with subplots and back stories. I want to re-invent the way novels are written and read. I want to change the world.
(And when I've achieved author-hood I will be able to coin my own words in scrabble. Muhuhahahahaha.)

Update: So I am putting all editing of Broken Soul on the back-burner for now. I'm working on my second book, To Kill an Angel. I should have a new revision of chapters 1 & 2 out soon.

Reading Preferences:
I like a fast plot, well described, but not overburdened with detail. The plot shouldn't be choked out by long segments of description. I love action or interesting takes with a good bit of humor thrown in for measure.

I value honest feedback, and I like to return with honest feedback of my own. If I spot any issues with the plot line, I will point them out. I like to read between the lines, and I hope I put enough content in my own story between those same lines.

*Update: Broken Soul is now available on kindle and in paperback.

A big thanks to William Rumley, who is a talented rendering artist.

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http://www.amazon.com/Broken-Soul-Call-Draken-eboo     http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.

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my books

To Kill an Angel

Dominic Giallombardo

Torn between duty and conscience, Talo is forced down a path that none envy. For an angel to fall, another must rise.

Born and raised a soldier, Talo realizes what none of his companions had. There was something oddly wrong with the orders given, the targets chosen. After slaying a fallen leader, he is forced to confront his conscience. Upon realizing the true brutality of his ways, he attempts to make amends, but can he be forgiven?


Broken Soul

Dominic Giallombardo

Andrew Sussek was just an ordinary man until an extraordinary vision leads him on a course far into the future.

Andy Sussek was just an ordinary man leading a mundane life, until an unusual vision of the future leads him down a path which he has little control over. Now Andy struggles to survive in the far future, where a strange cult of assassins mistakes him for someone else, hunting him without mercy.
With the aid of a mysterious new friend, he learns that inaction can have dire repercussions. Choosing to step forward and proclaim himself as the being the assassins hunted, he takes fate into his own hands, taking leadership in a time where little was present, and staving off the deadly Vargoth before they can wipe out countless human colonies.
Yet for all of his efforts, the Vargoth prove to be too great a threat for him to handle. In the end, the colonies would fall to overwhelming numbers, forcing Andy to turn to the Alliance, a powerful navy that his predecessor once commanded. With the aid of a Matriarch, Andy must now stave off the vision that led him on this course, changing fate itself in a bid to prevent humanity's annihilation.


The First Brother

Dominic Giallombardo

Welcome a world where women rule the Earth, and men are hunted like animals to the point of extinction.

One man awakens with no memory in a world without men. The few that remain have been altered to fit into a world where women rule. Men were long ago deemed inferior bi-products to human evolution, and hunted to the point of eradication. Now one man must survive in a world that does not want him, among other outcasts of a society devoid of shame or remorse.


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I wrote 845 days ago

Loser Chapter 1 I thought "yearbook" was one word, though I could be wrong I love the humor Chapter 2 I would just let the dog bite me in the ass. There's good money in that. Better yet, record the whole command given by its owner. Oh.... nevermind, that doesn't sound pleasant. I wish it ha... view book

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Chapter 3 Yes! a new chapter's up, this is exciting! "I couldn't even tell if the person..." it sounded odd when you used "Their" and "they" for one person/creature. Perhaps if it read "Its" since it doesn't quite look human. I wish English had more neutral words! Maybe we should coin something... view book

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I'm backing this and recommending it to others. view book

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Chapter 1 Looking over this, it's already pretty well polished. You have a very firm grasp of punctuation, I would say better than my own. "he barked in response to my comment about the pace of the line." I would maybe just shorten it to "he barked in response" "still not sure I believed him" co... view book

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Awiti Chapter 1 “In three rooms of...” The first sentence had me scratching my head. It didn't really grab me, only left me with that “huh” feeling. I would cut the second iteration of “numerous” and replace it with something less repetitive, like “many” “which disrupted the still household.”... view book

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