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The United States of Atlantis
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The Rebels of Ireland
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Lauren Grey wrote 173 days ago

Thank you so much for being a long-time supporter, I really appreciat....

anada wrote 243 days ago

maryanada69@yahoo.co.uk Hi love I saw your profile today and lov....

Brian Bandell wrote 408 days ago

Hi David, You previously commented on my novel Mute. I recently po....

kristylove wrote 416 days ago

Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

Lauren Grey wrote 420 days ago

Are you still going to post your new book?

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I wrote 441 days ago

Hello Mick, Your story has an unique and compelling characteristic which caught me by surprise. The affect of the reflective narrative had an large emotional impact. As I read chapter one, I increasingly became more concerned for the main character's problems despite its dark characteristics. In ... view book

I wrote 441 days ago

Brilliant job! This is a very engaging plot and I have just read the first two chapters so far. You added an interesting twist to the mysterious psychic in that she seems otherworldly. The foreshadowing here was powerful as well when she entered the barren, dusty shop just as the door closed behind ... view book

I wrote 442 days ago

This is quite a twist on the story of King Arthur and Merlin :}. A very creative one at that. I liked how you mixed suspense and horror with an unique plot. As mentioned before, I found the dialogue between the family members very entertaining. I think I even understand why you wrote the prologue yo... view book

I wrote 927 days ago

Hello James, I read chapter one, and I love how you wrote this section.The first half reminds of a parable (which I love). It is simplistic, entertaining and to the point. Sometimes I think the simplest forms that are present in fairy tales are the best way to tell a message. I liked part tw... view book

I wrote 928 days ago

Hello Valerie, I've read the first chapter so far, and I like it. You put an interesting twist on the immortal aspect with the awakening, and the spell Hotan is under. With this in mind, I do have a few suggestions to chew over, if you wish :}. My first suggestion for this chapter would be sh... view book

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