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I'm Scavola, as you know me now, a lion. Well, not 'on all fours' as we say, but 'standing tall on my hind legs'. My human form, I don't use much, as lions are proud and majestic creatures and humans, once you reach a certain age, just get old and fat. I've written a few books so far that are available on amazon.com, the 'Duke' series as I call it, Duke – Book 1: Alpha Rising, Book 2: Genevieve's Tale, and Book 3: Transformations, that's where I come in.

Getting to know them, I was so impressed by their story that I had to write it down. It follows them from the time Duke had to tell Mike his secret, that he could 'change' into a black German Shepherd, to their experience with Genevieve, a hundred-year old tortoise, to their joining the Israeli military as part of their compulsory service, where I met them. We stay in touch, so hopefully there'll be more adventures to come.

I did write a non-fur series, ATL Engineering - Season 1: Murder and Espionage and Season 2: A Beautiful Waste of Flesh, which are also available on amazon.com, and I have other projects I'm working on, but the 'Duke' series, like Duke and Mike themselves, are near and dear to my heart.

I love Duke and his world, and I hope you do too.

WHAT I'LL READ: good gay fiction or great general/'male audience' Lit. Fic.

NOTE: I don't play the 'mutual masturbation' game; if I read your book, I'll give honest/fair feedback. If you rate my book, please comment as to why you rated it as such, after all, that's why we're here!

Duke - Book 1: Alpha Rising (print and eBook)
Duke - Book 2: Genevieve's Tale (print and eBook)
Duke - Book3: Transformations (print and eBook)
ATL Engineering - Season 1: Murder and Espionage (print and eBook series)
ATL Engineering - Season 2: A Beautiful Waste of Flesh (print)

(Visit my blog for more info. and cover images you can actually see!)

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'A Secret History' by Donna Tartt, 'Harry Potter', 'Perfect Freedom' by Gordon Merrick

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Kyle Logan Hamlin wrote 293 days ago

I've just recently started, (as far as I know), the first and only GL....

Software wrote 496 days ago

Hello Scavola, Hope you are well. Maybe you would like to try out....

ubulord wrote 580 days ago

"The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale" is a book with one....

DThomas wrote 587 days ago

Hi I was just wondering if you could check out my book Iniko's Child....

Johnfrank00 wrote 590 days ago

Hello, One thing I can state without a doubt is the Gay, Lesbian,....

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I wrote 694 days ago

I liked the beginning, with the tension; I pictured Matthias as a Darth Vader-like character, quite cold and menacing and Tristan was an unknown. But then the story slowed down with too much introspection. IMO, this should be edited for effeciency, to get more across with less words, to hold back so... view book

I wrote 695 days ago

Rough, very rough, as in lots and lots of errors. As far as the story, a privileged man questions his excessive lifestyle as it's taken away, which one might relate to if they also had a trust fund, which I don't. I made it to Chapter 11. My advice: continue to write, hone your skill, and revisit th... view book

I wrote 711 days ago

It is what it is, a tale of redemption at a boy's ranch. I guess the issue I have is that, to me, it's tepid. After the action of the first two chapters, it mellows out like an afterschool special. Maybe he could act as angry as he really is, or have a more difficult transition? Or maybe he could ha... view book

I wrote 723 days ago

First, congrats on making it to #5, hope you hang on and stay on the editor's desk, as it's well deserved. Second, I finally finished all 35 chapters. What an adventure, quite satisfying, but I'm glad to see that you're doing a 'hardcore edit'. I know that the situation is dire and the story m... view book

I wrote 735 days ago

The book is quite incredible, well-imagined, I love this world you've created. I'm having a hard time with the dialogue though. It's one thing to have a character or two who speak differently, but to have this be the norm, everyone speaking like Yoda, is jarring, but I'll continue to read, if only t... view book

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