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My name is Mr. Smith.
I no longer look like my picture, as I would prefer to keep Mr. Anderson guessing.

In my Matrix life, I am Retired at 46, I was a program manager for a large automotive Tool and Die shop in Canada, and my wife and I have simplified our lives and are now living in a south american country.
As a scientist, none. As a Layman, more than most.
I have read thousands of articles on evolution or articles that included the ideas around it, am an avid National Geographic reader and have been for decades, read technical manuals for fun, have studied the bible in depth for 35 years; read, cross-referenced and analyzed the Koran in some depth, read parts of the Sikh holy book of proverbs, analyzed the book of Mormon somewhat...and the list goes on.

I read everything with an open mind and in the perspective in which it was written. Once I come to a conclusion though, I am not afraid to say it. If it seems like evolution is in some way being attacked here, it is simply because the vengeance to which many knowledgeable people adhere to this faith contradicts the very principles they claim to follow, that of hypothesis, impartial observation and confirmation or disproof of facts. I purposely abstained from drowning the reader in deep technical details, basing my arguments instead on reason.
All in all, the reader should at all times keep in mind that this is my opinion only, and that I respect people's decision to believe whatever they want to believe.

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The Religion of Evolution

Mr. Smith

All hail our savior! Evolution is our god!

Evolution is considered fact by mainstream society. The only reason why this is so is simply because it has been labeled as such. But does fact back up the theory of evolution, or faith? Read on for a layman's look into the theory of evolution.


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I wrote 1419 days ago

My next chapter will focus on the creation account and leave readers with the impression that it can be believed by the reasoning layman. view book

I wrote 1422 days ago

Authors, take note. This is how to write. view book

I wrote 1422 days ago

You are of course right, though I'm not sure if you're referring to the introduction on my book, or to my Mr.Smith page on authonomy. The introduction explains briefly that I am attacking this subject as a reasoning Layman. Retired at 46, I was a program manager for a large automotive Tool an... view book

I wrote 1447 days ago

Mrs Mama, I have to admit that your work did bring a measure of...let me say...happiness to my otherwise dull day. You should know, this is very unusual, as I do not smile much. searching the Matrix, I have come to see that what you do write is actually as true as you would understand it to be. It... view book

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