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I’m still pretty new to Authonomy, but so far I’ve been liking what I’m seeing. There seems to be some pretty talented writers involved and some awesome editors. I love how people seem to manage critiquing a work while still being thoughtful about the manner in which they do it. Hopefully I manage to do the same.
I will read most anything, and I’ll return all reads.
I have written far too many novels (none published yet, unfortunately). I would be grateful to anyone who can help me make writing better. So, thank you in advance!

favourite books

The Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb
The Tawny Man trilogy by Robin Hobb
The Live Ship Trader trilogy by Robin Hobb
Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett
The Merlin trilogy by Mary Stewart
The Boudica books by Manda Scott
The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
I love anything by Alice Hoffman, but my favorites of hers are:
The Third Angel by Alice Hoffman
The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman
The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman

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I wrote 553 days ago

You’ve got a really intriguing premise here, with the barren land and the hated and hoped for flight into the sky. These chapters are written beautifully. I especially like the paragraph that tells everything Harper would forget beneath the rockets’ “towering beauty.” A little bit of nitpicking: ... view book

I wrote 558 days ago

Chapter 27: I like how you characterize Rosalie here. She’s not some helpless, terrified damsel in distress. She’s aggressive and willing to try to protect them. Wonderful description of the “cinnamon sunset.” Nice drawing out of the tension by delaying the arrival of the men. Very dramatic scen... view book

I wrote 558 days ago

Reread of chapter 2: I think this flows much better than the first version. The opening moved faster and Clint’s thoughts were clearly expressed during his conversation with Phil. I like it! Chapter 3: There’s a lot to like about this chapter. You’ve done a great job of increasing the tension bet... view book

I wrote 566 days ago

Re-read of chapter one: I think I mentioned most of the typos in my first comment, so I’ll skip that and focus the overall story. I really like the story once it gets moving; I can definitely picture what’s going on and all the students have a very authentic feel to them, but the first few paragra... view book

I wrote 570 days ago

Chapter 25: You’ve really increased the intensity level in this chapter, with the gunshots and the decline of William’s father’s health. Part way through you switch the point of view to William’s father. It’s nice to see things from his perspective, but at the same time it feels a little out of pl... view book

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