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Lisa lives in Ontario Canada with her husband Matt, her overgrown puppy Jericho and their wayward kitty strays Tom and Hennessey.
She loves to stay active by taking regular hikes with her dog, and they recently began agility training together. When she isn't working or playing with her pup, Lisa can be found volunteering at her church, cooking delicious dinners, and writing. Her current project is The Science Fiction novel 'Deviance'
At 24 Lisa knows that she still has a lot of figuring out to do in life. She has big dreams for her future and the work ethic to achieve them.

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Anything by Mercedes Lackey or Tamora Pierce, I also enjoy Maria V. Snyder, Kristin Britain, Robin Hobb and Guy Gavriel Kay. My all time favorite book is Watership Down.

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Lisa Toohey.

Lena was created in a lab to be the perfect soldier, then she turned her back on her creators to save the ones she loves.

Lena was created to be a perfect soldier, one that never questioned her orders... but when her 'father' is murdered before her eyes she learns to say no. She tried to run, but her dreams were haunted by the 'siblings' she left behind. Now Lena is back, and she's not leaving until all of her family is free.

She's still trying to learn what it really means to be human. She's only just starting to discover the meaning behind friendship and love, but time is running out for her siblings. They're beginning to display deviant behaviour, and if it is discovered they will be deactivated forever.

The time is coming where she'll have to choose what matters most- her budding romance, or her family. Chances are she'll have to lose one to keep the other.



Lisa Toohey

An alien's quest to escape Earth takes him further than he ever thought possible.

Nickolas hates his new life on Earth. Since crashing he has been subject to one disaster after the other. He struggles with the balance between 'being human' and being himself. The humans around him continue to experiment on their captives, forcing them into an Assimilation program, and torturing information from their uncooperative subjects.

When Nickolas refuses to assismilate he is handed over to the beast with the face of a man, a master of torture. He is given one last chance to become a balanced 'human' but, after all the pycholgical damage he refuses to speak or trust anyone.

He believes his barriers impenetrable until a human named Quinn walks into his life. She shows him a new side of humanity and he learns to trust again. He is willing to do anything to protect her, until the underground contacts him. They could be his ticket home, if he is willing to follow their lead. Now he is forced to choose between following the undeground and fighting his way home or Quinn the one person on this world that cares for him.


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Scott Butcher wrote 9 days ago

Well done on your evil villain, you scored very well, but he was trul....

Dean Lombardo wrote 14 days ago

Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh :P

Scott Butcher wrote 15 days ago

Hey Lisa, thanks for your support of Stillwart, I'm taking her off si....

Gadget Triggerfuse wrote 17 days ago

Thank you for the pitch revision, can I use that? ( For the thread I ....

tnp12 wrote 20 days ago

Hey, I dont know many people here yet and just noticed you were fron ....

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I wrote 24 days ago

Suppose to be a CWOG review :P (and a CAN) I have nothing bad to say, your story is amazing, I can't wait until it is released by MRP and I can read the rest!!! (I'm excited to see the Canadian connection :P) A fast paced and intriguing story that really grips the reader, high stars! view book

I wrote 36 days ago

Daughter of Chronos 1. I understand why the sunrise is important, but I'd rather hear about it from her words, not some elaborate narration. I feel like you tell us a lot about her, but you don't show us a lot about her. -'crusted with the salt of dried tears' is one of the few scenes here t... view book

I wrote 39 days ago

ch1 Shouting through a bubble of glass would be hard, was it him doing the shouting. So far I'm having trouble believing he's as exhausted as he's said he is. Perhaps more mention of fatigue dragging at him, or being unable to make his body work they way he knows it should? Something to show us he... view book

I wrote 41 days ago

Okay, so I read chapter one tonight, and I have three big suggestions. my first is to read your dialogue aloud, or find a friend and run lines like you're reading a play script. Your characters speak stiffly, and sometimes use odd word choices. My second suggestion is to show more, and tell less. In... view book

I wrote 44 days ago

I've read to the end of chapter 14 and I think you really have something here, my only suggestions would be to try and build up this member of parliament more, perhaps with more references to him earlier (like maybe at the harvest queen banquet) my other suggestion would be to watch how often you 'f... view book

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