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Rough Diamonds is the only book I'm interested in having comments on at the moment. It's complete and I'm working hard on edits.
If you like it enough, back it.
If you hate it, tell me why.
I appreciate all comments, especially the harsh but useful ones.

And thank you to Bradley Wind for the covers for George and Heartless (private)

I should have mentioned weeks ago about the short story collection entitled: 'Words to Music.' Various authors from authonomy got together with Michael Wells, wrote and donated a short story for the book which is available on Amazon and Kindle. My story is called Angel.
All proceeds of the book go to various charities.

email aboycalledgeorge@aol.co.uk
I've just started blogging

favourite books

Undoubtedly, Nicholas Sparks a briliant author who writes unbeatable (in my mind) novels.
Nights in Rodanthe, The Notebook, Message in a bottle. The Guardian. Dear John etc...
Also another favourite I wouldn't like to leave off my list is. Wally Lamb's 'I know this much is true' all 900 odd pages of it. I needed stronger glasses after reading that one.

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A Boy Called George

Sue Edwards

Claire is just sixteen. Life is not such a bed of roses when she discovers that her beautiful bundle of joy is born disabled.

Young Claire is told by doctors to take her baby home and enjoy him. Believing the worst, she spends every hour of the day in her room not wanting to share him. Three weeks later, when he is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Claire feels a strange sense of relief as she realises that the condition is not life threatening. It is not until the tags which officially classify him as 'disabled' are attached, that she finally realises the full implications. Claire's three-year-old brother, Ronnie is determined to teach George everything he knows.

A true story which I hope I have managed to do some justice.

Recent edit of chapter one. Hope all iffy areas have been sorted out. Let me know if you find any other dodgy bits please.


Rough Diamonds


After the breakdown of his childless marriage of over twelve years to the beautiful Belinda, Gary is determined never to fall in love again.

The only marriage Gary will enter into, is a marriage of convenience, get the hell out of England and as far away from his beautiful ex-wife and ex-home as possible. His destination: Austin. Texas. His plans are jeopardised when he strikes up an online conversation with Susie, a divorcee with two children. Suddenly, Gary is riddled with doubt and after nightly chats with his new-found friend, they decide to meet, and against his better judgement, Gary falls deeply in love with her. Suddenly, he is torn between his new life in Texas and his new love. Just as he becomes certain that his love for the pretty stranger outweighs his yearning to leave the UK, fate deals a bitter blow. He is diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour and without giving her the real reason, decides to end the relationship. Five years later, Susie learns the truth, and Gary finds a surprise waiting for him in Florida.


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Painted Pony wrote 7 days ago

Feeling like a "rough diamond", but still managing to shine:) - What....

Painted Pony wrote 10 days ago

Good to see you, Sue. I've missed seeing your boots ... :)

Andrew Hughes wrote 30 days ago

Hi Sue, You might remember my book ‘The Morning Drop’ reached the ....

LiveinPI wrote 53 days ago

I've just added a short story collection... The Three Pigs in NYC. If....

Groaner wrote 67 days ago

You do know I'm kidding, right?

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I wrote 346 days ago

Bloody Nora! This is good! view book

I wrote 376 days ago

I saw your post on the forum and thought I might enjoy this. I was right. I'll read the whole thing and give you my thoughts. I just kicked a much loved book off my shelf for this. I hope it's going to be worth it. :o) view book

I wrote 436 days ago

YA is not my usual read, but I am hooked on this one. I intended to take a break from autho today, I think you've just put paid to that. I read the first five chapters and last few and the only thing I can say is that you've convinced me to read the whole book. Very unusual indeed. I'll be back ... view book

I wrote 452 days ago

Hahaha! The first couple of chapters had me laughing out loud. Will read on, you remind me of one of my favourites here, our Sheena - Liz who also writes funny chick-lit. Loadsa stars until I have room on my shelf. Sue x view book

I wrote 453 days ago

I've read this before and really enjoyed it. I didn't star it last time, so full marks and awaiting a spare space on the shelf. This is one that should have made it yonks ago. view book

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