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Hi from Tasmania, Australia!

I've done a lot of writing all my life... I published a non-fiction book over 10 years ago. I also worked as a technical writer and editor for a large company.

I always wanted to write a real novel... But no ordinary novel - I wanted to write a best seller!! (Like us all!!) So, about 2 years ago I wrote "Dreaming of Reality." I thought it was fantastic so I sent a copy to everyone I knew.

A couple of people said, "oh, yeah, um, it was good." Others screwed up their noses and coughed nervously and said they hadn't had time to read it. I heard someone mutter that they were praying my fingers would be cut off so I couldn't type anymore.

No one jumped up and down screaming, "Yay!! I LOVED this book!!!" (Well, one person did, but she'd just been released from the psychiatric ward of the hospital.)

I wondered why people weren't begging me for more of my wonderful novel?

I guessed my book was crap. :(

So I decided to kill myself.

I sorted through possible suicide methods, and the method I chose was this: I decided that I'd kill myself by attempting to write another novel. So I locked myself in a small dark room, and tried to write myself to death.

One day, the kids forced me to go out and buy them food. While they were in the supermarket, I hovered in the bookstore browsing all the novels and asking the staff loads of questions. They were about to chuck me out when I saw a book called: "Writing Fiction for Dummies." I bought it.

I went home, locked myself back in the room and read about heaps of wow stuff. I studied all about tense and POV and proactive and reactive chapters and goals for each chapter and plot and storyline and 3 act structure, and editing and story-world and clips and a huge range of other things.

Before that, I'd thought books were just 'written'. I had no idea that good fiction was planned.

I started to plan my book, worked out a structure and a scene list. Then I learnt how to give each of my characters motivations, dreams, goals and ambitions. I learnt other stuff like how to write conflict and setbacks and dilemmas, and how to use interior thoughts and action and dialog.

The book I was writing turned into "The Multiple Choice." I started sending chapters to people, and they loved it. I sent more copies to people. They sent me emails saying "Where are the next chapters? I want more!!" About ten people jumped up and down (not in unison), screaming: "Yay!! I LOVED this book!!!"

Then someone asked why I hadn't put it on authonomy. I hadn't ever heard of authonomy, so I checked it out... That was 3 weeks ago...

Now loads more people have been enjoying it!! It seems that my work is actually really entertaining. All of my comments have been fantastic. Lucky me! My fingers bled to do this. Anyway, I hope you love and back it, and I hope you like me also. :)

Conclusion: For me, writing has not been an effective suicide method. It's made me want to think about living... which is strange, because my book is all about death. Enjoy.


Thank you very much to everyone who has supported me and The Multiple Choice. I really appreciate it, because I believe it will be published and I'm daring to dream that it will be a best-seller. It certainly seems to be pleasing a lot of people. Check it out!! Enjoy! :)

favourite books

My favourite authors are: M. Scott Peck, Stephen King, Dan Brown, Rhonda Byrne, Michael Koryta, Patricia Cornwell, Jack Cerro and many others. My favorite genres are science fiction, horror, comedy, romance, fantasy and thrillers - I like a lot! I also enjoy non-fiction.

my websites

http://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/pages/M     http://www.msharman.com

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my books


Monicque Sharman

I will have no more part in this system, thank you.

See you on the flip side.


The Multiple Choice

Monicque Sharman

After death, Amelia travels to the past where she makes choices to change things. The only problem is, they jeopardize her son's life.

The man that strangled Amelia plans to kill her son, Sam.

But how can Amelia save Sam when ghosts and the sins of her past stand in her way, and have their own agendas?

Inadvertently, Amelia changes events, the future is affected.

Amelia is left wondering: Am I alive? Who killed me? And will I catch the killer before he destroys Sam's life?

This supernatural thriller will take you on an incredible ride!


The Bible, Sex, and this Gener....

Monicque Sharman

Learn What The Bible Really Says About Sex.

# How should Christians view and treat those living in defacto relationships?
# Do men and women today really have to wait until they are married before having sex? And what happens if they don't?
# Have you ever wondered why Jesus gives an 'exception' for divorce in only one gospel?
# Or why men described as 'righteous' in the Old Testament were allowed more than one wife?
# And have you ever pondered how these and other biblical teachings on sex can be translated into your life today?

This fantastic Christian book uses Scripture after Scripture to establish a harmonic picture of the biblical teaching on sex. It answers the above questions - and many more - in a unique and challenging way.

Don't allow yourself or those in your influence to continue hurtful sexual patterns. Discover freedom through understanding, and guidance for the future in the sexual area of life!

As well as being a must read for parents, counselors, church leaders and scholars, this resource will be valuable for anyone who has ever or will ever have sex.


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I wrote 1021 days ago

Hi James, Very funny first little bit! (chap 1). Hm, I read on through the next two chapters. I quite liked this, it was very different and unique, and written quite well. Some of the words jarred me, I remember being jarred at 'bloody strips'. I thought maybe remove the 'bloody.' I'll read ... view book

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Yeah, this is really good Claire. Thanks for sharing. Highly rated. Lovely writing. Monicque. x view book

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Hm, AJ, I didn't have a lot of time, but this looks fantastic. I'll read more later - highly rated for now. :) view book

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