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My identity will remain a secret until I believe that any of my work becomes a success. I do not wish for it to remain a secret however I don't feel comfortable in revealing it, but I'd love for you'll to know a few facts about me:
-I live in England and have moved about alot.
-I have twin brothers, so any references to twins have been researched throughly, and my brothers have been in twin studies so I can assure you that they are correct.
-I'm a hopeless romantic.
-I have blonde hair
-I went shoe shopping today and brought the most amazing pair of heels ever! I may upload a picture of them as my DP so you all can see :)
-I'm doing English Literature; Business Studies; Politics and Food Technology at A2 and will be off to University in September.

Comment, vote, fan and mail me! I'm adorable once you get to know me!

Thank you all for reading my story, so far!

favourite books

Authors- Jodi Picoult; EL James; Diane Chamberlin; Nicholas Sparks; Martina Cole; Leo Tolstroy; Ben Elton; Collen McCullough; Margaret Leroy; J.K Rowling

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It's you. Again.


She believed that life couldn’t get any worse after the accident. She believed that the guy she fell in love with wouldn't see her again.

Katerina Day had it all: Looks; Money; a gorgeous boyfriend and great friends. She had it all. Past tense. Until late April, when ‘the accident’ happened, no one talks to her about that night, although with Katerina’s new disfiguration it’s not like anyone can forget it. She believed that her life couldn’t get any worse. She believed that Grayson the guy she fell in love with would never see her again when she left London to go back to Devon. And she also believed that no one could ever love her with the way she looked. And she also believed that no one could ever love her with the way she looked. Will she learn how to cope or will turn away from everyone? Including her true love.


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Hey, thanks so much for backing Spark!! Christine Rees Spark

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