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written 1008 days ago

A great summary of some of the chapters in your other excellent book " A Short History of a Long Future". view book

written 1414 days ago

Hi Andrew. I keep on finding interesting parallels to the Christian Holy Bible in your book. In Chapter 5, you talk about how a new form of money is introduced in the form of a chip implant. Eventually only people who have the money implant are able to get into the brain bank called Heavan Inc. and be assured of immortality. It is exactly these people who never die and thus never get into the Heaven of the Christian faith. Just like prophecized in the Holy Bible for people who wear the "mark of the beast" on their forehead or on their hand. I wonder what other hidden parallels you have in your book. view book

written 1416 days ago

I reread your book and noticed that your character Dr Joe Ova, the creator of new-man, is a play on the name of Jehovah, the creator god in the Christian religion. I suppose his wife Lucy is also a play of the name Lucifer. This is heresy that will offend many Christians. view book

written 1430 days ago

WOW what a good read. A real eye opener. You could make a movie with each chapter. Your parallels to the Holy Bible and your athiest characters, the creator of New-man, Dr Joe Ova and his wife Lucy Fer are certainly a unique twist to Johova and Lucifer.

Your assertation that the aether is denser to the matter is very plausible. With it, all the characteristics of light make sense, as well as the mechanism to explain gravity.

How do you back your assertation that the earth does not orbit the sun? Great science stuff as well. I really learned a lot and greatly enjoyed reading your book. Thanks view book