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I am a beginning author, anxious to get feedback on my first work of fiction, which centers on the life of fourteen-year old Annette, a spiritual warrior struggling to use her gifts to overcome the darkness that abides in her family.

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The Bible
A Wrinkle in Time
A Ring of Endless Light
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Refined by Fire

E. A. Beckett

Sacrifice, selfishness, and salvation collide and confuse until Annette understands the importance of her life as it affects the lives of others.

The pain burned with as much intensity as the approaching flame and I heard a siren approach. I felt ready to give up as the flames came closer. I craned my neck to look at the flames. Despite the fact that they would kill me, they were quite beautiful, I thought. As I looked into the flame, I saw a smile. It was Uriel. He had come to save me. “You are not a hallucination,” I whispered.
“Oh, no, child. Definitely not a hallucination. But I am a bit like a nightmare,” he smiled again and leaned down to pick me up. I was confused about what he said. Was he trying to say that he understood how hard things had been for me since he’d come? I was airborne. The shock of it was so intense that I twisted my body in midair to look back at Uriel. My questioning gaze met with a sinister grin. He had thrown me into the path of the speeding fire truck. My body collided with it and shattered.


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I wrote 660 days ago

A very fun read! Vivid pictures painted, setting the stage for a marvelous fairytale. I will be back to finish just for the mental escape to a fantasy land. ~Liz aka E. A. Beckett Refined by Fire view book

I wrote 667 days ago

Jesse, Looks like other commenters have already mentioned the grammar and the fact that the story is very gripping despite that. I have to agree with Sam who wrote "got lost when Michael and Brian entered..." It may be explained in later chapters, but you don't want to lose direction so early in ... view book

I wrote 670 days ago

Just glanced at the table of contents and chapter one. It definitely is appealing! view book

I wrote 683 days ago

Dear Andrey, I can't wait to read more of this story. I must say that I am particularly amazed at your ability to use English writing as its not your native language. There are a few places where its obvious that English is your second language and I can't decide if that adds character to the ton... view book

I wrote 684 days ago

"A long time passes and then he puts his out his hand." Just a small typing error. Another good chapter. I like the way Coo tempts fate by egging on Alec, very realistic behavior of a young girl in her situation. You can see the development of her ability to process her grief for the things she'... view book

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