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Kevin Alex Baker learned how powerful words can be on his fifth birthday, when he was hit by a bookmobile.

His resulting phobia of literature catalyzed his interest in psychology, and as he pondered a life filled with the non-stop excitement of clinical research, Kevin dreamed up a radical new approach to modern therapy. The one problem was no matter how effective it might be, running the program would cause any ethics committee to strip him of his license. Kevin didn’t have the guts to defy them himself, so he wrote a story about a therapist who did. The idea grew, and as Kevin overcame his fear of books, the story evolved into his darkly-comic novel, Head Games.

While working on Head Games, Kevin made his playwriting debut in Los Angeles with the musical Lovers’ Mayhem, featuring a fresh cast bursting with talent including recording artist Lara Janine, and James Kyson Lee, who went on to star in the mega-hit TV series Heroes. The show sold out multiple performances during its run, and Kevin took great pride in moving his harshest critic to tears with the finale.

Kevin lives and writes in Waikiki, Hawai’i, where his chances of accidentally encountering a book are incredibly low.

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Andrew, After reading this, I can't wait to see what you come up with for NaNoWriMo! This is a great slice of fun, carved in a truly imaginative version of history. Let me know when your new piece is done! Kevin Alex Baker Head Games view book

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Carl, Wow, you've got a relentless imagination! I love the intellectual depth of this piece, and I'm not surprised it's gaining a lot of attention on Authonomy. A few editing notes, you've got your punctuation outside your quotation marks during dialogue, "They look something like this". I believ... view book

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