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This is my first book, written mainly during lunch breaks at work and edited by my wonderful wife who reads non-stop.
I am a father of 3 wonderful children and keep myself busy in the garden, playing indoor football and netball, and badminton and coaching my nine year old's cricket team in the summer.
We are all working through the aftermath of a large earthquake that struck our beautiful city in February 2011 and look forward to a new, regenerated city once all the old and damaged buildings have gone.

favourite books

Hunger Games Trilogy. Men at Arms by Sir Terry Pratchett. The Otherworld series by Tad Williams. The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. Cell and The Stand by Stephen King.

my websites

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008CSD7FM     http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008GS0Q3E

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my books

As Portents Rise

M. E. Harrow

History has one fatal flaw. A chance discovery beneath Antarctica may have far-reaching implications for humankind. If it happened once, it may happen again.

Join a small group of illegal drillers in Antarctica who find themselves under threat by an unknown group of assassins. As the ravages and deceptive beauty of the Antarctic landscape add to the danger, they flee their pursuers across the icy wilderness.

The drillers must discover the reason why they are being hunted before it is too late. Upon reaching the foot of South America the team is separated, and their collective intelligence and strength is tested. The threat of capture follows the drillers at every turn, and in order to escape they must decipher the clues that lie in the mysteries of the ancient world.

Follow the driller’s voyage of discovery and determination to stay alive.
Can they resolve history's greatest mystery before they get caught?

Learning from the past means we can understand the present.

If it happened once, it may happen again.

Read in full: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008CSD7FM

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I wrote 275 days ago

Great story, full of tension but interlaced with a very sharp wit. Highly rated and backed. Mike view book

I wrote 584 days ago

Lucky Horshu is a very well-written comedy delving into a world of fantasy complete with animals worse than dragons (I didn't think it possible) and the adventures of some very well-named, amusing characters. My only suggestion would be to be very careful when using the names of common objects th... view book

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I wrote 586 days ago

The Book of Aerie is a great social commentary pointing out the frailties of the current human condition. It is a well-written book with a pitch that will draw in most eager readers. The first-person narrative is consistent throughout and I enjoyed the narrative from a god's perspective after the ... view book

I wrote 586 days ago

Lunar Dance is a well-constructed story. This will appeal to people who love the technical side of science fiction and for those keen to understand the aerospace industry at a nuts and bolts level. The dialogue is very believable (a major hurdle to surpass once the book makes it to the Ed's desk) ... view book

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