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I grew up in Johannesburg, emigrated with my parents and siblings to Israel and completed high school there. On our return to Johannesburg, I went to the University of the Witwatersrand where I received a BA and Masters degrees in Hebrew and Russian language and literature. My thesis focused on the great Israeli author Amos Oz.

I self-published my debut novel, The Goat Herder, and have now completed my second novel, Under Philadelphi Road. I have just begun writing my third novel.

When I'm not writing, I'm a massage therapist in the quaint fisherman's town of Hout Bay in Cape Town where I now live.

favourite books

The Yacoubian Building
The Great Gatsby
The Little Drummer Girl
The Da Vinci Code
Kite Runner
Half of a Yellow Sun
What's the What

my websites

http://www.stewartronen.blogspot.com     http://www.stewartronen.com

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my books

Under Philadelphi Road

Stewart Ronen

An intelligence service orders an espionage network in Egypt to launch an operation to capture the world’s most wanted Nazi war criminal.

For eleven-year-old Ismail, life in Rafah is like an empty shell. When a group of boys from his neighborhood accept him as their friend, life begins to have meaning. Being able to help them build a smuggling tunnel under the border consolidates the friendship. But fate has a plan of its own. The tunnel that he is digging collapses and he is trapped alone on the Egyptian side. A Bedouin couple promises to get him back home via al-Arish but destiny has a different plan. He lands up in Cairo where he wanders the streets earning pennies strumming on his rababah. One day, he meets a wealthy businessman who asks him to come and work for him. Ismail eventually moves into the businessman's villa and is groomed and prepared for what he later realizes is the real reason he was born.


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I wrote 688 days ago

Hi Linda, thank you for your backing and comments. Wow! I read the pitch of your book and it looks amazing! Many common denominators here indeed. Needless to say, I already love the setting and the plot. I'm not so active on Authonomy these days but I'm certainly going to endeavor to read your book ... view book

I wrote 1783 days ago

Hi Cas, First let me say, Sci-fi is not my thing. However, in the spirit of Authonomy I give you my views on what I've read. This is really beautifully written. I love the first sentence: "Everything except the cellar steps..." Simple, clear, strong. Soon after that a nice example of show (not tel... view book

I wrote 1787 days ago

Hi Thomas, Beautiful, poetic prose, exquisite imagery. Well written! Good luck with it! Stewart (The Goat Herder Under Philadelphi Road) view book

I wrote 1824 days ago

Hi Mike, I've read a couple of chapters of your book. What struck me first was the dialect which shows immediate authenticity. I had to read some sentences twice before realizing this was dialect/slang. Very good. The story drew me in quite quickly and I was curious as to where things were headed.... view book

I wrote 1834 days ago

Hi Heidi, Although not really my genre, however I was hooked right at the beginning. Very well written, interesting characters and you sure know how to turn on the suspense. Your word choice is precise and well-thought, creating a style which is easy to flow with. Excellent, good luck with this! ... view book

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