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British author, poet, and Cloudcuckoolander. If found, please return to the faeries. Click the links below to find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Born in 1990, England native RK Summers is a great lover and hoarder of books. Her love of the literary world began at the tender age of five, when, as a ridiculously serious child, she wrote her first ‘story’ about a dancing tree, complete with a bittersweet ending as a lament for the loss of fairy tale magic.

She has two poetry compilations ebooks released via Amazon KDP, Secrets of the Faerie Realm, and most recently, A Glitch in Rhyme. Her debut novel, The Old Ways, will be released mid-September 2014.

favourite books

Anything fantasy based.

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https://www.facebook.com/pages/R-K-Summers/2351652     http://rksummers.wordpress.com/

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my books

The Old Ways

R K Summers

Expect the unexpected, and prepare for what is not there...

Wherever men walk, there shall faekind be.

That’s what Thomas Rhymer discovers when his sister Alissa is stolen from her room in the dead of night by a strange creature, who takes her away to Albion, a place where magic is the lifeblood of the realm, where a dark shadow tinged with dragonfire sweeps over the land, and where something powerful stirs at the heart of Elphame.

Albion suffers in turmoil after Mab, the Queen of the Old Ways, is usurped from her throne. Now, not only must he rescue his kidnapped sister, but Thomas must also battle his way through Albion and aid Queen Mab against the shadowy clutches of the Dark Prince in order to stop the raging war that tears Albion apart at its foundations.


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Erlich wrote 221 days ago

Awesome! Hope to see you around.

Karataratakas wrote 374 days ago

Hey, RK! It's great to see you back! I look forward to taking a lo....

colin smith wrote 375 days ago

Lots of arguments, mostly. The trolls are different, though there's m....

colin smith wrote 375 days ago

PS Reading your new book's pitch it isn't clear if Queen Mab is Thom....

colin smith wrote 375 days ago

Wow, what happened to your bookshelf? Colin (the one who was mean....

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I wrote 799 days ago

I like the way this has begun, starting with a poem about the history of your fantasy land. Although the writing itself could be tightened up, there is a very good story here with strong plot elements and good characterisation. I particularly enjoyed David and Eliza turning into scarecrows, although... view book

I wrote 813 days ago

A great read, really well written. You'll have to forgive me here, I'm not feeling too well, so I'm going to do my best. I like how you manage to sustain interest through the first chapter with something as ordinary as a job interview. Steve's situation is one we can all associate with, which mak... view book

I wrote 816 days ago

I've never read Christian fiction, I've never had any desire to, but this just sucked me in! I couldnt stop reading! When my boss asks why I was late, I'm blaming you! I'm kidding, but I really enjoyed reading this. I like the simplicity of it, how it seems to just talk TO the reader, not AT the ... view book

I wrote 820 days ago

A charming story that's just as good for adults as it is for children. I love your characters and the overall story that's panning out. I'm going to come back and read more of this, because I'm really enjoying the way it's put together. High stars! Kate view book

I wrote 829 days ago

Wow... The opening scene, I'm just in love with it. I love how you dive right into the action, then pull back. It's the perfect mix of tension and scene-setting. This has been highly-polished, I can tell. Your descriptive skill is flawless, I love the way you describe Nick's wife, she sounds beautif... view book

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