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I have been an evangelical Pastor in the Great Commission Association of Churches for 20 years, and am currently a pastor at a new church plant, Lifesong, in Rio Rancho New Mexico.
I have been married 20 years to my best friend and together we have seven children.
The book I had here called "Faith Lift" coming from a conference I've been doing for 15 years by the same name, has been removed because it is now available on Amazon. Thanks to all who improved it and edited it. You can now buy it on Amazon under the title "the Hidden Life" as an ebook or a paperback.

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http://www.lifesongrr.org/     http://pastormacsponderings.wordpress.com/

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I wrote 941 days ago

Julie, These are little nuggets, jewels. I like the very relatable feel, the approach and the solid nature of the content. I will keep reading, but I have no specific critique for now. I will back your book as soon as I finish this comment. view book

I wrote 955 days ago

I haven't read your book yet, but I added it to my watch list. I just wanted to say...Great pitch! view book

I wrote 966 days ago

I very much enjoyed reading through this. It's tight, well written and intriguing. More under the surface obviously. I'm sorry that there are no more chapters as of yet. I look forward to more here or in hard form someday. Count me a fan. view book

I wrote 973 days ago

Hey David, I came upon your book through the odd coincidence that the name of the book I've just started posting includes the same "faith lift" name. In fact, it was a poster here (a fan of yours) who alerted me to that, suggesting I modify my title to avoid confusion. (I'm giving that conside... view book

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