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I'm a professional photographer and I live in North London.
I'm a keen reader of most genres but have a particlar love of horror and science fiction. I'm currently unpublished, but have submitted in the past. In fact the manuscript of 'Kristin' has been shown to several literary agencies.

favourite books

The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty

2001 A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke

The Lovely Bones, Alice Seebold

Hollow Chocolate Bunnies Of The Apocalypse, Robert Rankin

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Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

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I wrote 1283 days ago

Hi Lynne. This is a highly promising start and I'll certainly be back to read some more very soon. In the meantime I'm more than happy to offer my support to your work. Best wishes. Michael Ashley Torrington. 'Kristin'. view book

I wrote 1309 days ago

Dear Richard. Many apologies for taking so long to get round to 'The Men of Dunwich'. Now this is great fun, typical British humour reminiscent of David Nobbs. Some of your descriptions, and character names are simply wonderful. This would also work quite beautifully as a script. Maybe you could ... view book

I wrote 1330 days ago

Dear Elizabeth. Sorry to take a while to get back to you. I think you've penned a very memorable story. The story is different and fascinating, and the characterisation excellent. I have no hesitation in placing 'Memories of Glory' on my shelf. Best wishes. Michael Ashley Torrington, 'Krist... view book

I wrote 1332 days ago

Hey Elijah. This is refreshingly different and well written. And I think it's given extra interest as you're an African seeing things from a European perspective. The book is on my shelf. Best wishes. Michael Ashley Torrington, 'Kristin'. view book

I wrote 1361 days ago

Hi Rome. 'Directives for Murder' is a good, gripping tale. Quite addictive, and I'm happy to put it on my shelf. Best wishes. Michael Ashley Torrington, 'Kristin'. view book

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