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Not prepared to divulge my secrets though I'm happy to say I enjoy writing, especially fantasy.


The Sphalerite of Almandine is the second volume of the trilogy - Atrament Speaks.

I hope extracts taken from the first book, and snippets taken from Clara Maddingley's diaries will not only help a reader to glimpse what has already taken place, but enable them to engage in the alien world of Noor.

Finally, if fiction can take a reader to places they will probably never have the opportunity to go, and leads them into situations and through experiences that in real life would be shunned or welcomed, shouldn't fantasy be more intense?

I think so.

The second book I've posted on the site:

CROCODILIAN - is for children aged between 8-12

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The Sphalerite of Almandine


Everything has a cost? Yes.

What price vengeance? Blood.

Who pays? Everyone.

Atrament has spoken and gifted Clara, High Lord of the Helm at Almandine, with knowledge. In addition to discovering who was responsible for the death of her foster son, she learnt of the origins of the Order of the Guardians. How they attained power and shortly after gripped Noor, the place of perfect light, in a stranglehold that has been maintained for eons.

No longer bound in deep depression for her lost child, hatred and desire for justice consumes Clara. While her Spymaster’s agents search for her boy’s murderer, an opportunity to spark rebellion and bring the Order down becomes evident, but only if she has the heart and stomach to cast Noor into the ferment of war.



C. McDonald

In 1924, a rich man died. His pet, a two-year-old crocodile, was taken to a desolate marsh and released. It wasn't expected to survive.

England 1992: Two boys playing in a stream, narrowly escape an attack. Their parents, and the police don't believe the boys' story. They know crocodiles are cold-blooded animals. They know even if one did manage to live through an English summer, the onset of a bitter winter would kill it. Mrs. Farthing could tell them they're wrong - that's if they can find her.


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