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I worked as a UN Peacekeeper for seven years in war zones. My first story is a non-fiction on the Congo. My second book is a collection of fictional short stories inspired by my time in Iraq.

"No Ice Cream in the Land of Cannibal" is back with shorter chapters. I appreciate your continuing support.

"Rhapsody in Baghdad" is a work in progress, and I welcome your honest and constructive comments.

I hope you will enjoy flying with me to the heart of Africa, and then to the streets of Iraq.

I back only the books that I would actually take out my wallet and buy (and I am very stingy).

My email is: CongoBook2012@hotmail.com

favourite books

No and Me - Delphine de Vigan
Song of Solomon - Toni Morrison
Out of Africa - Karen Blixen
The Great Gatsby - Scott Fitzgerald
Papa You're Crazy - William Saroyan
Dasenka - Karel Capek
Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad
The Thirteenth Night - Ichiyo HIguchi
My Uncle Silas - H.E.Bates
Wild Geese - Ogai Mori
The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger
Farenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
and many more

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my books

No Ice Cream in the Land of Ca....

Ruko Dango

Hush! Possibly the most controversial book of the year…. A tragicomic journal of a UN peacekeeper in Africa.

This is an account of my experience as a UN peacekeeper in the Congo.
It is a record of the lives of rebel fighters, local villagers, and UN peacekeepers living in isolation. Sometimes darkly funny and moving, it is a story to fly you into the heart of Africa.

Slightly shell-shocked by my previous mission in Iraq, I arrive in a country devastated by war and still riven by violence. As a newbie to Africa, I begin my trip into the vast jungle country, and eventually I join a team of negotiators with the rebels, feared as ex-genociders. Soon, I find myself establishing a fragile friendship with a young rebel captain, setting off on an unauthorized mission to rescue a defecting officer, as well as uncovering a dark secret which eventually forces me to flee the area.

*Everything written here, I have seen myself or heard directly from the persons involved.
*All the names of the persons appearing in the book have been changed, for their privacy and safety.
*Cover image designed by Hoe Lim. (hoe.lim@gmail.com for commissioning a cover image.)
*Manuscript is completed at 118,000 words.


Rhapsody in Baghdad

Ruko Dango

Three little tales and a short novella create a spicy, smoky, dizzy street life of Iraq.

Uploaded here are experimental pieces, and I welcome your constructive and honest comments.

"The Thirteenth Night in Baghdad" is a rewrite of The Thirteenth Night by Ichiyo Higuchi, the 19th century Japanese writer. Late at night, a young woman now married to a wealthy man pays a surprise visit to her parents late.

In the second story, "The Star Shoeshiners", two shoe shine boys narrate their daily lives, aspirations, and war and peace. Written in pigeon English.

The third story, "Gardenia of Falluja" is a story of love set in the chaotic aftermath of Iraq War. Only the opening chapters uploaded.

In the last and the only comedy, "Queen Amytis' Knickers" you will travel with an international group of archeologists in search of the legendary jewel-scattered knickers of the Babylonian Queen Amytis into the pre-war Iraq under Saddam. (Coming up soon…)

*The cover image is an oil painting by Malak Jamal, one of the leading woman artists from Baghdad.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 3 days ago

Ruko, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full ....

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Hi R.Dango I was wondering whether you would help me. I'm currentl....

Jane Mauret wrote 14 days ago

Hello not to worry; sorry, maybe i missed the reply somehow. forget....

karelkoninkrijk wrote 14 days ago

you should come and visit us there one day if you like

karelkoninkrijk wrote 15 days ago

Hi Ruko, thanks for backing me again. how are you these days? still ....

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I wrote 2 days ago

Dear Paul, Having read the previous version more than a year ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find the new opening chapter, which has changed quite a lot. Although I liked the previous version, I have to say that the new version is slicker, and much clearer to read, and perhaps you have done th... view book

I wrote 20 days ago

I don't know why I waited so long to read this story. This is a gorgeous story, just as historical story lovers want. It comes with a romance, Persia, and beautiful horses. As a horse lover, I wished it was mentioned in the blurb. Talking about the horse, I think it would help if origin of the nam... view book

I wrote 32 days ago

Dear Jorre, I have enjoyed reading first four chapters of The Blame Game. I have never been to Jo'burg, but your story has took me right into the wealthy suburb filled with the sweet scent of flowers. I particularly liked the parts on the gangs in the car surveying and waiting for the 'show ti... view book

I wrote 43 days ago

Izzy, I liked the previous opening chapter with its mix of evocative descriptions and rough talks of a young man, and that's why I've backed it right away, BUT this new opening chapter is even better. It's so intriguing. There are a lot of stories starting with a funeral scene but not a funeral of ... view book

I wrote 60 days ago

This is not a kind of a genre which I usually read, but I actually found it easy to follow. I have only read the first chapter so my comments would be on it, and if you have already revised the opening chapter hundreds of times, then do ignore it. I found the notion of 'living next to immigrants ... view book

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