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I love to write. I have fnally found the time to release the stories that have fly around my mind seeking a release. I self published my first novel, Finding Passion: Confessions of a Fifty-Year Old Runaway and my first book of poetry/prose, Unleashing Passion: A Heart's Desire.

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Ummm, I could say mine but that is sooo narcissistic. I think it is Beloved and The Color Purple

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Finding Passion: Confessions o....

Christy Cumberlander Walker

Slightly paranoid Christi has the adventure of a lifetime during her fate-touched United Kingdom trip. She challenges herself and runs away to find her passion.

Finding Passion is mainly a story of a two week period in the life of Christi. She is looking for adventure and buys a trip to the United Kingdom. En route, she meets a percussionist and is convinced to travel around the country with him.

Her journey begins with her willingess to look for passion. Along the way, she learns that condom buying has changed since she was a twenty-year old, pantyhose will talk to you if they have the right motivation, and passion can be through life and lifetimes.

Mr. M.O.P. (Man on Plane) helps her to overcome her fears. His concept of fidelity, and the willingess of his wife to share him help her to look at marriage in a different light. From a male revue in Vegas to shopping on Revolution Boulevard in Mexico, Christi searches out something something "touristy" in each city she visits.

It ends with her finding passion and facing what is important to her. Her story is about why women make decisions and how those decisions are made. It is has some strong language and honest sex with the intent for it to be enjoyed by women and openminded men.


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I wrote 1812 days ago

Wow Debbie. Your story was a real read-on. I loved your description of Priscilla and appreciate how you let the reader know what she is capable of in the beginning chapter. Now I have to struggle not to think she is behind everything that happened to Martin, even though she loves him. I read the fir... view book

I wrote 1818 days ago

I am shelving you book. The beginning was so moving and emotionally charged. The circumstances of the birth were unusual to say the least. Your writing created the need to know more of the story. Introducing the readers to Sarabelle was a change, but her lively irreverant character interacts wonderf... view book

I wrote 1839 days ago

i am totally intrigued now i have to know what happens next. shelved view book

I wrote 1839 days ago

"tonights performance was over" what a great line. the second chapter continues to pull me into the book view book

I wrote 1839 days ago

what a powerful start. you have a great hook here. view book

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