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Hello! I was raised in Leigh, Lancashire (in the north west of England) but I have lived in Toronto, Canada since 2002. I'm a huge fan of the band Marillion (go and check them out!) as well as an avid supporter of Leigh Centurions Rugby League Club. As well as writing fiction, I also publish the books of other people.

I've been on authonomy for a couple of years, but I am now making a serious effort to get to the Editors Desk - so all and any comments and book backings are very much appreciated! I will commit to review/rate your book if you'll do the same for me....

Mason Wilson & The Dead Bird Debacle is complete at around 52,000 words, and there are two further books in the series in the pipeline: Mason Wilson & The Stonehenge Swindle and Mason Wilson & The Last Village Losers. I am hoping to complete book 2 by the end of 2014 and book 3 by the end of 2015. Wish me luck!

favourite books

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
The Belgariad Series by David Eddings
The Shardlake Series by C.J. Sansom
Virtually anything by C.S. Lewis
The Jennings Series by Anthony Buckeridge
The Five Find-outers Series by Enid Blyton
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

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Mason Wilson & The Dead Bird D....

M.P. Jones

In solving the puzzle of what happens to birds when they die, a schoolboy encounters a reckless plan that could soon make them all extinct!

Mason Wilson isn’t just another wimpy kid; wimps don't embark on an unauthorized night-time trip to a strange, old factory owned by the mysterious Mr Finch! He'll do anything to stop his penniless family being thrown out of their home. There's a mystery to solve to win a grand cash prize, you see - if you hardly ever find dead birds lying around, why are whole flocks starting to fall from the sky all over the place? Does the Bible really say that it’s a sign of the end of the world?

Mason uncovers some gross goings-on and reckless plans that could change the world for ever. Should he do the right thing and try and stop them? He’ll lose an opportunity of a lifetime if he does; still, when his parents find out he's gone missing, that will be the least of his worries!

A wholesome mystery/adventure story aimed especially at 9-12's.


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nautaV wrote 22 hours ago

My pleasure, Martin! Valentine

nautaV wrote 3 days ago

Hi Martin, I'll be ready in a day, if you please. Valentine

nautaV wrote 5 days ago

Hi M.P., I wish you good luck with you plans to write books 2 and 3,....

MichaelDorman wrote 12 days ago

Hello, I saw your profile and was intrigued. I says to myself, “sel....

J. T. Gordon wrote 20 days ago

Cheers for the backing.

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I wrote 3 hours ago

Certainly different from the run-of-the-mill that is often to be found on Authonomy. Backed and highly starred! M.P. Jones Mason Wilson & The Dead Bird Debacle view book

I wrote 25 days ago

The highest compliment I can pay is that the prose reminds me of the writing of David Eddings - 5 stars! M.P. Jones Mason Wilson And The Dead Bird Debacle view book

I wrote 41 days ago

Really interested to see you putting a précis of the story as Chapter 1 so that readers can get the gist of where you are going with it. I am surprised more people don't do this! You seem to have a plausible (albeit fantastical) plot which hangs together quite well. I would perhaps go back and t... view book

I wrote 48 days ago

Welcome to Authonomy! The best piece of feedback I can give you is to recommend that you change your short pitch. It's always a little risky to compare your work to that of another author (better to say that you've been influenced by certain writers), especially when it's a Magnum Opus like LOR.... view book

I wrote 55 days ago

Welcome to Authonomy! I am just going to comment on your pitches for now and then return to take a look at your opening chapters. I think they do a good job and just need a bit of polish. "year old" should be hyphenated and I think the ... actually detracts from the sentence. In the long pitch, ... view book

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