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I am just a grandpa trying to entertain grandkids with my Mookie stories. I hope that you enjoy them too.

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Edward Lysak

This "sextet fabula" is just the beginning. In this children's fantasy the young reader is introduced to a very unusual little boy.

Mookie is a wonderful little boy who could never do anything right. Poor Mookie! It was not that he was bad or that he tried to get into trouble; it just happened. Poor,poor Mookie.
The adventures are told by grandpa to his grandchildren. As he spins his stories, the reader begins to understand that Mookie is magical. Grandpa's "tall tales" develop a character who is lovable, vulnerable and different. How he is different, is what the six stories are all about. Having an alien birth has enabled Mookie to have certain 'powers'. Mookie strives to learn who he is and why he is so different. The problems that Mookie encounters are typical; solving them is not. Grandpa weaves values and lessons into his stories that will appeal to grandchildren around the world.
Grandpa was thrilled when one of his stories won third place for children's fantasy in the Union County Writers' club of North Carolina contest. Can you guess which of the six stories placed third?

Grandpa hopes you like his Mookie stories.


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Care to swap reads? Apocalypse Then

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