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Hi there,

I'll be an irregular visitor for the next few months as work and family demands bite into my time. I will still be visiting and will be trying to read and comment on things. Sorry to all those waiting for a response from me. I will get there sometime this century.



Damon Cavalchini is actually an amalgamation of suave super-spy, media magnate, insane genius, and all round delusional nice guy.

Not wishing to be restricted by the boundaries of reality, he drifts into the world of literature with astonishing ease and is often found enjoying the fantasy life in his head rather than the mundane normality of everyday life. In fact, anyone reading these comments should notify the appropriate authorities immediately so that the men in black can come round and wipe your memory clean.

After all, Damon can't really exist - can he?

In reality…

Damon splits his time between being the Donor Issues Research Program Manager and the Research Systems and Communications Officer for Research and Business Development Portfolio of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. He has previously found the money to support his infamous DVD and book addictions as the Queensland Marketing and Community Relations Manager, also for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, and in assorted communication and marketing roles.

In his spare time, Damon is the President of Fantastic Queensland, a not-for-profit organisation which auspices Australia’s premier speculative fiction awards, the Aurealis Awards, as well as the biennial Clarion South Writers’ Workshop. To help with his writing, he completed the Year of the Novel and the Year of Edit courses with Kim Wilkins through the Queensland Writers Centre.

To the amazement of all, Damon managed to acquire an Honours degree in Journalism from that august academic body, the University of Queensland, for his thesis “The Pulpit to the Box” which looked at the way the Australian media propagates religious messages. Recently he has begun work on a Masters of Psychology with the University of Queensland.

Occasionally, he drifts into theatre and has been cunningly disguised as an actor (aka moving stage prop) in productions of:

• A Clockwork Orange
• Henry V
• Dead Beat (original work by Damon)
• Black Israel (original work by Damon)
• Jungle Juice
• Wings of Gabriel (original work by Damon)
• 1984

favourite books

Changes every day
Anything by Terry Pratchett
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
Bernard Sampson books by Len Deighton

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Casimir Greenfield wrote 690 days ago

Hi there - just extending the ink-stained hand of friendship. Love th....

Andrew Hughes wrote 690 days ago

Hi Damon, “Informers and blackmailers, phrenologists and dissectio....

The Knowledge wrote 690 days ago

Hello dcavalchini, My book is simply called ‘Madeline’ (Link below) ....

ndayery wrote 889 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

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I wrote 1962 days ago

Howdy Jesse. This is fast-paced fun, fun, fun. You mentioned you wanted to rush headlong into the story and you do. However I would like to see a little more scene (but then my son says I'm old and consverative). I think it's great that you've tested this on your students as they are target au... view book

I wrote 1966 days ago

Howdy, I read this ages ago in a hotel room while I was travelling with work and must have been unable to comment because there's nothing here. Sim spent a few days on my bookshelf and will swing back up there again soon. This is a great read. There's a real sense of urgency from the first cha... view book

I wrote 1967 days ago

Hi trhere Dave, This is great. I popped in to read a chapter or two and suddenly it's four chapters down and the beginning of the fifth. You have an relaxed style that carries the reader along with you. Sam's a great character. Instantly believable and the perfect narrator to tell your story. ... view book

I wrote 1980 days ago

Hi there Katrina, This is fabulous - I just hope you aren't cursing yourself for when your two children grow up. This is an entertaining, fun, breezy read that screams teenager to me. Although mine's a boy and thus communicates only in grunts rather than self-depreciating literate humour Moll... view book

I wrote 1980 days ago

Hi there David, This is almost too difficult to read. It's so brutally honest and uncompromising. One one level, it is almost impossible to crit because this is the story of your life, told in your way with your voice. What right have I to comment on structure, style or anything else? What I w... view book

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