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My second novel, THE SHRUNKEN HEAD MURDERS, and my first novel, DEFENDING EVIL, are on sale in the Amazon.com U.K. Kindle eBook Store for less than £1.00. My stories are also available in the Amazon.com U.S. Kindle eBook Store and on the Barnes & Noble website for less than $1.00.You can also purchase copies of my novels in other formats, like PDF, Sony, etc. at the Smashwords.com website for $0.99 cents.

I can be contacted at: charles.shea@yahoo.com

I'm married with two sons, three dogs, and one cat.
(The dogs live in the house and are completely spoiled.)

I am a former active duty Marine. I enjoy cycling, fishing, woodworking, and of course writing.

favourite books

Any books written by these authors: James Patterson, John Grisham, David Baldacci, Nelson DeMille, Stuart Woods, Scott Turow, and Harold Robbins

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my books

Hellfire Vengeance

Charles Shea

John Lasham, a Catholic priest, is burned alive in his car in the parking lot of a hospital in Atlanta, GA.

John Lasham, a Catholic priest, is burned alive in his car in the parking lot of Piedmont Hospital. Detectives with the Atlanta Homicide Unit have no motive for the horrific attack, but there is one person who has a pretty good idea why the priest was incinerated - Travis Knight. He’s the criminal defense attorney who just days before successfully defended Father Lasham and two other priests at their trial where they were charged with molesting 6 year old Kevin Riley. The priest’s shocking murder launches Detectives Brikler and Gordon on a frantic chase to bring the maniacal angel of death to justice before the Hellfire weapon is unleashed again. Unfortunately, the list of suspects is long, and time is running out.


The Shrunken Head Murders

Charles Shea

An attorney gets a murderer acquitted which makes someone angry enough to kill.

Whoever said that sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me, was wrong. Words, when used skillfully, can kill. This is a story about the murder trial of Donny Snelling. He’s a former Marine Corps Lieutenant, just home from Afghanistan, and is suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He went to war healthy, but he came home with wounds no one can see. Donny is defended by Amy Strong, a very successful criminal defense attorney with an Atlanta law firm. Criminal defense attorneys make a living with their mouths and Amy uses hers brilliantly. She combines intelligence with eloquence, and is able to convince the jury that he was temporarily insane at the time of the murder. Amy’s outstanding performance results in Donny not having to pay for his crime. The fact that he is not sent to the electric chair makes a lot of people very angry…one of them is angry enough to kill. Detective Tom Brikler with the Atlanta Homicide Unit is tasked with finding Amy’s killer. He has to employ every ounce of his investigative skills as he hunts for the killer.


Defending Evil

Charles Shea

A righteous vigilante is killing the clients of Travis Knight, an exceptional Criminal Defense Attorney winning high profile cases in Atlanta.

Travis Knight is an extraordinary Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta that has built his reputation by defending clients that many believe are guilty of the crime of murder. The young attorney's success attracts the attention of a righteous Vigilante.

The mysterious vigilante begins executing Travis’ clients soon after he wins them an acquittal. The Vigilante believes that the clients Travis is helping to put back into society are guilty, and don't deserve to live--the vigilante delivers ultimate justice. Stranger yet, not only is the vigilante executing the clients--they are being executed by the same method the clients used to murder their own victims.

The Vigilante's deadly attention quickly turns to the source of these abominations against society, the hot-shot attorney responsible for freeing the evil murders. The Vigilante, now signing e-mailed threats as the' Archangel', sends Travis an ultimatum--stop defending guilty clients, or he will be the next to be executed.

Risking his life, and his marriage, Travis refuses to be intimidated by the extortion, and continues to defend clients accused of murder.

Travis prepares for the inevitable show-down with the Archangel --a confrontation that will leave only one of them standing.


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I wrote 893 days ago

The first page of this story hooked me immediately - the action is fast paced and intense. Mr. Brown expertly applied his vast array of writing tools to the telling of his story. Great job! Charles view book

I wrote 1479 days ago

Richard, Great premise! Plenty of thrills and action. I can't wait to see the movie!! Best regards, Charles Shea view book

I wrote 1485 days ago

Gerry: Thanks for the very kind comment regarding DEFENDING EVIL. It looks like we are kindred sprits, as far as our writing styles go! :) Your books sounds like something I will enjoy reading. I will back your book soon. Thanks so much, Charles Shea view book

I wrote 1487 days ago

Thanks for the 411 on "Backed" Virginia! Charles Shea view book

I wrote 1487 days ago

Liz: Thanks for the kind words! I'm new here, so what does "backed" mean? Charles view book

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