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The replacement wife is complete at 85,000 words. A commercial women's women’s fiction novel. Told from the alternate perspectives of the mistress and the wife, the reader is drawn into a modern day love triangle, with a fatal edge.

Writing credits:
Commonwealth Short story competition 2007 - In arms
Loose Leaves Poetry competition 2010 - Under the Wig
Shortlisted in Bridport prize 2011.
Mslexia shortlist short story competition 2013.

I am part of the Women's fiction group. A really supportive group of writers who commit to critiquing each others novels
and go beyond chapter one (which is fantastic). You can find the lovely ladies here http://www.authonomy.com/forums/threads/90500/women-s-fiction-crit-group/

I will return all reads, whether you shelve my novel or not, but I won't bother if you do a fly by shelving (less than 24 hours) or leave a generic comment.

favourite books

Life After Life
The book of Dave
The Book Thief
A fine Balance
Oryx and Crake
We need to talk about Kevin
The time travellers wife
The handmaids tale
Love in the time of cholera
The troublesome offspring of Cardinal Guzman (rest of trilogy)
Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Authonomy books I have read all of and love (past and present):
Monsoon Season (now published)
The circling song (available as an e-book)
Summer blast (published in 2011)
Slum (available as an e-book)

RECENTLY READ: When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman. Micka by Frances Kay. The fault in our stars by John Green. The Hunger games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Qualities of Wood by Mary Vensel White. The Goon Squad by Jenny Egan. The wasp factory by Iain Banks. The stranger by Camus. Other People's Secrets by Louise Candlish. Monsoon Season by Katie O'Rourke (yes the authonomy Katie).The testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers. Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson. The Bitch by Les Edgerton. Since You Went Away by Liz Astor & The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti. Offshore by Penelope Fitzgerald. Small Wars by Sadie Jones. The book of Dave by Will Self. The puzzle of God by Peter Vardy. Ten things I have learnt about love by Sarah Butler. The Night Rainbow by Claire King. Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright. The room by Emma Donoghue. Alys Always by Harriet Lane.

CURRENTLY READING: After Virture and Emotionally Weird by Kate Atkinson.

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my books

The Replacement Wife

Juliet O'Callaghan

A commercial fiction novel about a dying woman’s obsession with reaching India and holding onto her husband, even if it means sharing the marital-bed.

Despite an enormous crush on her charismatic boss, Rebecca is not a marriage wrecker and contents herself with friendship. That is until she finds out Flynn’s wife is dying of cancer.

Following the devastating news that the cancer has spread despite facially disfiguring surgery, Madeleine is determined her second marriage will not fail. Blaming herself for the distance that has opened up between her and Flynn, she throws herself into planning a round the world trip starting in India.


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I wrote 199 days ago

Love the Gretchen/ Chase romance - you do sex scenes well, although maybe you could be a little more erotic. Please post more or better still let me read the whole thing. The writing is fresh and snappy and things really kick in when they reach Vegas. I want to know what happens next! view book

I wrote 201 days ago

read four chapters of this so far and loving the snappy style and the strong woman vibe. Not sure if this structure continues of dipping into these girls lives in short snippets, or whether this would become unsatisfying after a while, but right now I am enjoying it. Will be reading on. view book

I wrote 206 days ago

I really loved the opening two chapters. Emily’s voice was fresh and engaging and the humour delightful. I think the premise for this story is fantastic. However, I found my interest beginning to wane as I continued (up to chapter five). I think it is because you have too much summarising (tell), y... view book

I wrote 222 days ago

great stuff! Will be reading on soon. view book

I wrote 252 days ago

This is a wonderful read. Grover is a 'good' bad guy - which is very hard to pull off. I feel I am in very safe hands reading this and all the characters (including his children) are complex and interesting. I wish your pitch gave me more on what this story is actually about, but after reading 6 cha... view book

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