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Author of the BBC Doctor Who novel "The Book of the Still", writer of episodes of Casualty, Doctors, The Bill. Comedy for Dead Ringers and the Parsons & Naylor Sunday Supplement for BBC Radio.
Audio plays for Big Finish and BBV

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paulebbs (AT) blueyonder (DOT) co (DOT) uk

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Espedair Street by Iain Banks
Red Shift by Alan Garner

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Paul Ebbs

Near Future. Bombs, Sex, Internet, Perversity, Spooks, Violence, Not for Kids. All bases covered?

Four characters in search of their own version of the truth are on collision course...

He didn't know what the hell was going on.

She was at the start of uncovering the biggest conspiracy in the history of well...history. And history was the conspiracy.

They were fiddling while Rome burned, when they would rather be fiddling with each other.

It just wanted to be loved. And beaten, and treated bad. Mainly because it made it feel good.

"Puppy F*cking" is a novel like some others, but never all at the same time.

***Note - some people I told about Authonomy suggested that I put pf up here because I'd become annoyed with it, but they said it was worth finishing. Mainly because they really wanted to know what was going to happen at the end. I have a vague idea, but I'd like to know what you think..***


C0d3-8r3ak3r - Code One: Aveng....

Pau1 3885

Whatever you do. Wherever you go. They will find you, and they will kill you.

If you run, you die.

Jimmy Zero can count the rain.

How comes he can do all this weird stuff and he doesn’t know why? Everyone thinks he’s mental, and that’s why they hit him.

Lacy Flower will deck you if you say just one thing about her name, but then she’ll also deck you if you touch her backside or look at her funny.

Lacy, (Call me Lace) and Jimmy are both being held as pupils at the Unit, an Anti-Hogwarts for bad kids. There’s violence, arson and a fair amount of aggravated bullying.

And this is just Lace’s first week.

But the Unit is nothing compared to Hawksmoor – what exactly are they doing to the children there and what are they forcing them to do?

And why is Jimmy so scared to go back?

As Lace and Jimmy soon find out, the Hawksmoor Institute is nothing to worry about when Government Spooks and a posse of Russian Mobsters are hunting you across night-time London.

If you stay. You die.
If you run. You die.

8r3ak th3 C0d3 0r D13


The God in the Tree

Paul Ebbs

Sam Croker, a boy who can't walk, lost in the Amazon rain forest. This is a true story, about lies.

Anyway, how do you start a story?
Do I start on the plane?
Or do I go straight to the bit where I killed my Dad?
Yes. You did read that right.
Okay. Deep breath.
You see, what makes it difficult is that it's not just my story. There's my Dad obviously, and there's Kik-Kik - it's her story as much as mine. It's also the story of the men who came to murder me.


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I wrote 1888 days ago

It’s not good news I’m afraid – I don’t think there’s anything horrendous or bad about The Stir Trail but I do question the tone, the voice and the style. It’s not a very positive review, and please let me apologise for that in advance – you can write, and you have all the tools in your toolbox to w... view book

I wrote 1889 days ago

This is lovely. And creepy. But I think you need to revisit that first chapter. As Authors, when we’re ready to put pen to word-processor, we usually have a ton of stuff in our heads – back story, plot through lines, character sketches and a real desire to get it out of our heads as quickly as... view book

I wrote 1890 days ago

Ooh there a lot going on in this marvellous novel. I shelved this last night, but didn’t get a chance to write the review because of problems with electrickery. First of all, I must declare an interest. One of the authors of this fine tome has kindly been pimping The God in the Tree on the forums... view book

I wrote 1891 days ago

I love being wrong. No really. When my expectations of something are completely blindsided and left for dead in the dust, my heart leaps like a Salmon in my chest. You see we all have expectations and some of them we're so sure of they feel like truth before we've even had a chance to review the ... view book

I wrote 1891 days ago

This is mature and accomplished writing. It's a brave thing to drive a narrative off the tee almost entirely with dialogue and you accomplish it with real panache. Of course all the dialogue we write is a trade off between what people "really say" and the best way "we can report it" but I urge every... view book

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