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Hi guys! I'm 35 years old, half Welsh, half Irish, born in London but live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my Kiwi wife and my newborn son, and I'm desperate to get published. I pretty much write anything, but always with my tongue in my cheek. My favourite works i've written are the Mutant Toe series, of which I've completed the first, almost finished the second, and have ideas for the third and fourth. I really hope you guys enjoy it!

I'm always open to read swaps, but find it far more rewarding to have some one read my book when I haven't already read theirs. I usually only read the first chapter, so if you want a concise review of your book just drop me a message. And whenever someone backs me, I always take a look at their work anyway, just to see what kind of people are liking The Toe.

favourite books

Terry Pratchett (especially The City Watch)
Stephen King
Philip K Dick
Nick Hornby
James Patterson
Kurt Vonnegut (particularly The Sirens Of Titan)
Jeff Lindsay (Dexter rules)
Frederik Pohl (particularly Gateway)
Alfred Bester (The Stars My Destination is inspired)
Kathy Reichs

my websites

http://tedwoodsbookreview.blogspot.com/     http://eds-21st-century-movie-review.blogspot.com/

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my books

...Hard To Do

Edward Davies

Bob, Jim and Adrian are three average guys, who aren't so much looking for romance but more having it thrust upon them, then taken away.

It's the autumn of 1997, a brand new year of academia for Bob, Jim and Adrian. Bob is starting his first year at university, and has met the perfect girl... if only she wasn't a bit mental, and if only he wasn't already dating someone! Likewise Adrian has met the ideal girl, but she's got a boyfriend, which is bloody typical. Jim is in his last year at college following retakes, and is still madly in love with Abi Bourret, a girl who barely knows he's alive, or so he believes. Together they're trying to figure out how to cope with their respective situations, and hoping they might be able to win their girls over before the year is out. Together they're trying to grow up, but as everyone knows that can be Hard To Do...

Loosely based on true events and then completely twisted around, this was originally written to irritate my friend Martin, then it grew out of control. Hope you enjoy it.


Mutant Toe And The Risky Recru....

Edward Davies

When Dave Dahl's big toe starts questioning his actions, he knows that it's going to be a strange day...

In this tongue in cheek homage to comic books, an accident takes place in a New Mexico University causing mutations to many of the students involved. Amongst them are a girl who can almost turn invisible, a boy with an enhanced metabolism, a man who is part chicken, and a man with a talking big toe. As those involved try to figure out what happened to them and what to do with their lives, the government agents involved try to use their powers for their own devices.

There are two main characters; Seema Bhardwaj, a British student studying in the United States who is partly responsible for the accident that causes the mutations of many of the characters, including herself. Then there's Dave Dahl, an American living in Canada who, along with his friend Pete Bruckman, travels down to New Mexico on a road trip that leads to their becoming mutated in different ways.

This book is complete with a total of 24 chapters; only the first 12 are uploaded. Word count approximately 66k.


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my comments


I wrote 1748 days ago

I like that you use simple language throughout the opening chapter, and this reminded me a little of the legend of Beowulf. This might need a little tightening up, but I'm still shelving it. Ed (Mutant Toe) view book

I wrote 1748 days ago

I only read chapter 1, but already I love the two views idea. Even in the chapters themselves we are given a look at two perceptions of how events take place, with the pants wetting scene. Great stuff and good luck! Ed (Mutant Toe) view book

I wrote 1769 days ago

This is an intriguing read - the history of an angry Frenchman if you will. I only read the first chapter but can tell by your writing that this would be both an engrossing and informative read. One thing did stick in my mind however - when you say France suffered four years of humiliation by German... view book

I wrote 1782 days ago

Unlike some fantasy this is a quick read and I didn't feel bogged down by unneccessary descriptions of nonsense words or anything like that. is this in any way based on existing myth, as I've heard of Gog and Magog before (is it Norse?). Anyway, interesting start (unnusual too) and good luck. Shelve... view book

I wrote 1783 days ago

This is a great start to a children's book. Bobby reminds me of Billy Webb in Alfonso Bonzo (another great kids book which doesn't seem to be in print anymore) in the way he tells his story realistically, getting sidetracked along the way and not getting straight to the point. I think young children... view book

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