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SRFire wrote 1588 days ago

Hi there, I’m trying to reach the Ed in April as I have an importa....

Gunslinger wrote 1601 days ago

Greetings, fellow Authonomite— As I write this, I’m sitting at num....

andyroo wrote 1684 days ago

Hi, I would be really very grateful if you could consider having a....

Simon Swift wrote 1684 days ago

Hey Suze A cheeky request .... While you're online any chance you c....

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I wrote 1684 days ago

I had the privilege of reading this book before it was put on this website. I couldn't put it down, altho personally I thought there was a little too much information about his childhood, but that's me, I like to get to the nitty gritty and chapter 4 certainly does that. The villain is brilliant, su... view book

I wrote 1684 days ago

I loved this book, the whole concept of a handicapped hitman and the subsequent intrigue surrounding Maria and the chase across Europe is gripping, but the end had me in tears, which I guess is good. view book

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