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12/19/2013: "Pouring the Cup" has been chosen as a January reading selection on Noveltunity.com.

12/16/2013: I have been away from my account for awhile, but I'm back.

I have been writing fiction ever since grade school, keeping my collection of writings in notebooks, legal pads, and bound journals. I still write in ink first. Writing was, is and will be an outlet for my creativity, my troubles, my joys, and even my boredom. I use the genre of science fiction to explore my characters in common and uncommon situations, hoping to weave them into a life that exists beyond the words on the page.

Along with writing, I work full time, perform my domestic duties at home, and perform with a community concert band during the summer.

I have published "Pouring the Cup" through CreateSpace, which is Book One of a multi-part series entitled "Stormflies." I am currently working on Book Two, a draft is posted here.

favourite books

The Best of Cordwainer Smith-Edited by JJ Pierce
The Dispossessed-Ursula K. Leguinn
The Word for the World is Forest-Ursula K. Leguinn
Brave New World-Aldous Huxley
Hubble, A New Window to the Universe-Daniel Fischer and Hilmar Duerbeck

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my books

Pouring the Cup

Elizabeth N. Love

As murder and discontent plague her people, Protectress Axandra Saugray must unravel the mystery enslaving her family and release her people from a cursed fate.

Driven from Earth to avoid persecution for possessing strong mental abilities, a human civilization lives in relative peace on a distant planet. Axandra Saugray, a young woman reluctant to accept her duties as matriarchal and social leader, finds her destiny immutably woven into a mystery that has haunted the women of her family for centuries. As her mothers did before her, she carries with her an ancient soul.

Inexplicable deaths mar the security of life, and disease plagues the residents of the country. Axandra struggles to balance the needs of her personal life with the needs of thousands amidst increasing turmoil. To compound the problems, a sister planet approaches for its closet pass in 300 years, wracking their world with natural disasters.

As Protectress, Axandra travels the continent to assure everyone that they will be looked after. In the midst of her travels, she favors romance with a historian and archeologist named Quinn, who uncovers a fascinating yet out-of-place artifact that may hold clues to the rapidly spreading chaos.

To release her people from a cursed fate, Axandra must learn how to release herself from enslavement.



Elizabeth N. Love

In a follow-up to "Pouring the Cup," Protectress Saugray must decide how best to win a battle against intelligent parasites known as the Stormflies.


After refusing to participate in a plot to keep human beings in a distorted symbiotic relationship with a species of intelligent parasites, Protectress Axandra Saugray was kidnapped and tortured. Her recovery is not complete, but she must work diligently with her constituents to devise the best method of saving her people from continued infection and death, without sacrificing her own moral principles.

In a twist of fate, the Protectress learns that one of her long-time Councilors is actually a member of another humanoid race who has used his position to report to his people the progress of the human colony. The Children of D'Sora, a race of drifters, promises to aide the humans without obligation.


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F.S. wrote 118 days ago

Cool. Shoot me a message when it's on Nook or Smashwords. :)

F.S. wrote 118 days ago

Is it just Amazon or also on Smashwords/Nook? My husband would probab....

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I wrote 1267 days ago

Now it makes sense in the second chapter. Aha! Moving on to Chapter 4. Elizabeth view book

I wrote 1268 days ago

So far, the writing suits the audience. There are a few cosmetic things-such as paragraphs being clumped together. In chapter 1, I was confused by the Griphen interlude in P3 &4. It was so brief and out of touch with the rest of the chapter, it seemed like something was misplaced in the upload. ... view book

I wrote 1286 days ago

Started out laughing! Elizabeth Love (Pouring the Cup) view book

I wrote 1287 days ago

Very Creepy . . . Fabulously written. Elizabeth Love (Pouring the Cup) view book

I wrote 1304 days ago

My favorite phrase: "mocha dog auditioning for the part of an ottoman." I was confused during the first several sections of the beginning as to who was whom. Try starting off the book with the name of the main character earlier. I confused Phillip and Porir, and was even more confused by the ch... view book

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