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I don't respond to spam...not even the self-deprecating/ my-apologies-that-I'm-having-to-resort-to-this-I-hate-what-Authonomy-has-turned-me-in-to spammety spam.

I will read/ back/ comment at my leisure.

Spam gets deleted.

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Spilota wrote 21 days ago

You've been on my Friends list, but because you haven't been on site ....

Richard Maitland wrote 164 days ago

Just clearing out my old Watched Threads box in preparation for the n....

miacia7 wrote 388 days ago

I am done! My book has been edited! Read it, find yourself in my situ....

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Hello, My name is Joy, a young caring girl i saw your contact on....

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Greetings, I would luv for you to comment and rate my book Overlor....

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I wrote 763 days ago

Hi Jennifer, Here's your YARG review. First a suggestion about your long pitch: Writing it out in the present tense makes it sounds more immediate and the voice is more engaging. "Allison Spencer is no stranger to the paranormal. An animal empath, she is able to sense the feelings of animals... view book

I wrote 793 days ago

Hi T.D. Here's your YARG Review Your first chapter does a good job of portraying the broken relationships in Ricky's family. His mother seems timid, a bit lost and exasperated by trying to keep it all together and as far as Ricky's aunt and uncle go - everybody loves a pair of wonderfully desp... view book

I wrote 799 days ago

JC, this is a great read. As I'm sure you've been told by others, Anexia is a fiesty, determined and engaging MC. Your style is light, playful, yet vividly descriptive and smart. Your writing evokes images of reading an adventure tale of old lore but your characters and the dialogue give the st... view book

I wrote 902 days ago

YARG Review Hi Mary, I've had you on my watchlist for a bit. Here's my YARG for Exterium. Cheers, Fyn Chapter 1 This is a promising start. Mike is clearly the bigger of the two brothers and Max resents his bullying. Though I empathise with him as he goes to his room after being pus... view book

I wrote 904 days ago

Hi Kelly, Read through your first three chapters and this looks very promising. The opening chapter is a great introduction to Stevie. When life gives you lemons, it really gives them to you all at once...I couldn't help reading this with a knowing smile: heartbreak, getting cheated on, your worl... view book

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