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The Girl From Kosovo is already in print and available as an ebook so no need to back it. Comments are still welcomed. The Butterfly Effect is the new work and your backing/comments are most welcome. I know I should do more reviews and reading but the 20 or so works I am reading right now are taking up most of my time. I'm not a 'game player' and the ED isn't a "quest" so if Butterfly gets up there it not be from any games or spamming. Writing to entertain YOU is why I am here, and to chat to friends and dedicated writers and readers. I hope you enjoy my work, and if not, please feel free to let me know why. (Without being rude of course.)

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Anything by S. King, D. Koontz, Karen Rose, Val McDermid, John Connelly, James Herbert, Kathy Reichs, A.E Poe, among many many others.

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Second, stand-alone follow up to The Girl From Kosovo. On sale in July 2013, Follow as it is written. Or wait for public release.

The first novel in this series: The Girl From Kosovo is available in print or ebook editions from all sellers or order at your local bookstore. The Girl From Kosovo is available to read here on authonomy. Enjoy.
Nikita Tarasov, once The Girl From Kosovo is now a Withernsea Girl. In love, and experiencing the first happiness she has ever felt, all is threatened by the filling of the void left by the psychopath Max Lomax. With her fortune restored, and the Lighthouse Foundation established she has settled down to write her book. To tell the truth of all the years when she was that other girl. The Freegans an eccentric group of scarred souls still haunt the streets of London, and it is through Richard Deacon (The Deacon) that the characters are once again drawn together. In this novel there is harsh reality soothed by the love of a boy for a girl. This novel is not a sequel to The Girl From Kosovo.



Dora Bona and Graham Whittaker....

This is a book to dip into on short trips. Maybe on the way to work. Many genres including erotic. Be warned! Enjoy.

These are stories created when Dora Graham was alive. (R.I.P). They cover a number of genres and they do not respect certain rules. For those loyal readers who enjoyed Dora Graham in magazines, newspapers and online, they are a tribute to a character who was indefatigable. They are stories to dip into. Long enough to enjoy, and short enough to not miss your next stop on the train, plane, or car (but only in the car if you are the passenger!) To the radical feminists who "outed" Dora Graham and thus led to her demise, may you rot in a place worse than Hell! Dora Graham never set out to fool, defraud, or misrepresent who she was. Some stories may offend you, others horrify you and others again will make you laugh out loud. Put this book on your bookshelf, rate it, talk about it. Get it to an editors desk, but more than all of those things just enjoy and comment if you can. A new book of her collected poems will soon be available with a bonus of previously unpublished poems recently pulled from the locked box. Thank you all so much.


The Girl From Kosovo

Graham Whittaker

A little girl is traumatized after being buried alive. In the darkness. Available on all good booksites. Order at your local bookshop.

When Nikita is buried alive and critically injured during the war in Kosovo, only a voice keeps her alive. He says his name is Andy. The stories he tells about endurance and a place, carry her through until rescuers come. "This is a mystery story with a flowing narrative that leads inexorably to The Truth. Shifting between the past and the present the story unfolds , exposing the thin veneer which separates horror from the mundane. The love of a youth for a young girl, and the quest for the elusive Andy takes the reader on a journey into madness and out the other side. An extraordinary, poetically told story that leads the reader gently into the gates of Hell. A collection of damaged souls brought together by fate alone gives the reader a new hope for humanity. ORDER AT YOUR LOCAL STORE OR BUY ON LINE. HARDBACK, SOFTCOVER AND EBOOK. SOON AVAILABLE ON BOOKLOCKER. SEQUEL, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT ON SALE IN JULY, READ IT HERE.


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A MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR: It has been a busy period for me working on the new novel and creating some ebooks for authonomites. I'm just using this time to say thank you en masse to all those people below who have commented (good or bad). I do appreciate it and if I don't get around to you personal... view book

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I've been trying to leave comments but the bloody comment box didn't work. (Except that I can click the submit button.) Now it's working. Ok, I'm reading as fast as I can! Bloody good! I'm not going to go into any detail yet because I'm only on page 9 and I want to get this one read! As usual the wr... view book

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I've had this book on my backing shelf for months now and if any book deserves backing this one does. Recently Clive lost backers through an editing problem. PLEASE people, BACK THIS BOOK and put it back where it belongs in the top ten. You won't regret it! view book

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This is a book I have supported for as long as I've been on authonomy. (Well, nearly anyway.) In spite of it's medal I'm going to keep plugging away until some publisher decides to give it some attention. It SHOULD be available on Amazon and all the other selling sites, and it SHOULD be available a... view book

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