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Duke rules the world !!

I dont do autho friends it clogs up my feed and most of the time I pick my own reads from the charts, if it intrests me I read it, if not then I dont - simple.

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miacia7 wrote 634 days ago

My life sounds like fiction, I know. I wanted to make a book out of i....

TDonna wrote 659 days ago

If you are looking for a new book to back come July 1st, I’d be honor....

AdamCian88 wrote 663 days ago

Any chance you could give me feedback on my story please. Into the Da....

Adam Thurstman wrote 663 days ago

Dear Prospective How to Fail Supporter, Here at the How to Fail s....

Scriptlit wrote 663 days ago

Hello. I noticed that you're a top reviewer. I'd like suggestions to ....

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I wrote 976 days ago

Really enjoyed what ive read, agree with a lot of the points you write about. Looking past the grammar nit picks this shows a lot of promise and since its v current, i hope it does well. view book

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