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My Book, Sir Laurence Dies, is now available on Kindle. It will soon be available for Printed version via Createspace.


Happy reading!

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Agatha Christie Poirot Novels
Various crime fiction, science fiction as well as historical non-fiction and fiction based on historical events, fantasy and so on.. I'm not as eclectic as I ought to be, but my reading is quite varied.

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D.J.Milne wrote 169 days ago

Hi Chris, This month, why not come and visit The Tiger Farm? Perhap....

Miss Wells wrote 169 days ago

Big thanks for backing Cypher Christopher. Violet xx

~Evangeline~ wrote 170 days ago

Hi Christopher Now that Violet's book has won its well-deserved me....

CarolinaAl wrote 188 days ago

Hi Christopher, Thank you for shelving "Savannah Oak". I appreciat....

Kaychristina wrote 189 days ago

Christopher, that was a welcome surprise tonight! Thank you so much f....

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I wrote 292 days ago

Where is the HC review??? view book

I wrote 414 days ago

Well done, John! I'm so pleased to see this! All your hard work paid off! Congratulations! Best wishes, Chris view book

I wrote 434 days ago

Congratulations, John! Number 1! view book

I wrote 627 days ago

Hi John, Nice to see a new book appear! A Lark Ascending is a very good title, it has that old Victorian feel to it - even if we're ten years into the reign of George V when this story takes place. From what I've read so far, your portrayal of London of the 1920s is spot on. Right down to... view book

I wrote 633 days ago

Club Agatha Critique - Just completed your first chapter. I really enjoyed your prose and voice. It's very melodic writing and in a way, quite hypnotic. Clearly, you've spent some time researching before writing. A good writer is also a good reader. I found quite a few of your descriptions to be... view book

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