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MISSING has now been published and is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle versions.

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Anything by James Patterson, Lee Childs,Linwood Barclay, Harlan Coben, Jeffrey Archer etc etc.

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William McGuire

A couple's dream holiday turns into a living nightmare when they realise that they don't even know each other.

"Missing" tells the intriguing story of Scottish couple David Telfer and his ex-model wife Louise, who embark on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate her recovery from serious depression.
But as they sail across the high seas onboard their luxurious cruise ship the American Gem, doubts begin to creep into David's mind with regards to their relationship.

He suspects from Louise's erratic behaviour that she is hiding something from him, and believes that she may be harbouring dark secrets.

His suspicions are heightened yet further when they return to the beautiful city of Barcelona and his nightmare really begins.


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I wrote 168 days ago

Hi Chris, I haven't been on authonomy for a long time but when I received the e-mail telling me of your comment, I just had to come on and thank you for your kind comments. I'm glad you seemed to enjoy MISSING and I can tell you that it's going very well at the moment having managed to get some... view book

I wrote 509 days ago

Thanks Jackie for the kind comments. view book

I wrote 529 days ago

Hi Cyrus, I finally found some time to read your book. I've read the first two chapters and love your descriptive writing. I really felt that I was sitting in that room along with those nineteen men. Backed. Cheers Willie view book

I wrote 613 days ago

Club Agatha Critique. Love the description of Chloe slowly waiting to die. I really felt helpless reading that part of your story, I wanted to help her but I couldn't do a thing. I was hooked. Great change to chapter 2 telling us about the driver, Bill, and his attempt to sneak back into his bed... view book

I wrote 613 days ago

Club Agatha Critique. This had me hooked from the start. Love the story line and I could almost smell the Mum in the second chapter. Wouldn't change anything although I think there are some speech inverted commas that you don't need in chapter 2. I think this is great and will read more when I g... view book

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