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You'll know (or not) about DOUBTS and PHASMATIS, and in April I put a new one up:
THE HOLE IN PAGE ELEVEN (previously Leaving 1989.)
but having made top 50 with it, I'm now letting it slide gracefully down. Too little time...

THE HOLE IN PAGE ELEVEN is YA, but free of vampires, witches, wizards, the undead and talking elephants.

Mystery, intrigue and tension, however, there's plenty of, and certain things going on which are very hard to explain...

If you do read, I'll be very grateful but I might not return the compliment. These days I'll read what I want to read, if anything. First baby born 4/10/11. Ecstatic.

favourite books

currently reading Philip Kerr... and baby books

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http://simonbetterton.weebly.com/     http://yearzerowriters.wordpress.com/

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my books

The Hole in Page Eleven

S Richard Betterton

A wall, some keys, a secret room and an old newspaper - not enough to prepare Amber and Liam for where they're heading.

Liam spent years wondering what lies on the other side of that wall. The day he finds out, a packet of crisps seals his friendship with Amber. But their meeting will have consequences they could never have imagined.

A series of discoveries in Amber's ancient house lead them over twenty years back to the past. And their presence in 1989 has the most unexpected and terrible consequences.

Well-meant intentions lead them spiralling towards disaster, unless they can break the worsening chain of events. But if the route back to the present is destroyed, will they be able to avoid their own demise?

Complete at 70,000 words. Aimed at 11-13 year-olds.


Phasmatis: Back to Life

Simon Betterton

They're kids. They die. That's not the way it should be.
Alice and Luke need to get back and sort things out. But how?

Alice and Luke's lives ended way too soon. Things unfinished. Problems to solve. Revenge.

But you can't become a ghost without learning the chains. Wearing a white sheet is more complicated than it looks, and walking through a wall could lead to a bump on the nose.

If spectral education has its problems, a malevolent force at work in Phasmatis leads to even greater dangers, and Alice and Luke's very existence is on the line. They can't die, but they can double-die. And that's much, much worse. They might end up fighting for more than just their lives.

The first in the Phasmatis Trilogy.

11 of 45 chapters uploaded. Complete at 68,000 words.
Aimed at 12-14 year-olds.

watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sih2GCrxPY0



Simon Betterton

Mind games, manipulation, memory loss. Maybe murder.
Dreams, deception, dice, dark motives. Definite Doubts.

Before the incident David was as normal as any other teenager. Afterwards things are hazy, memories are unsure. There are gaps in his consciousness and imagination has stepped in to fill the breach.

A mysterious phone call leads him on a journey of dangerous discovery. His quest will shape not only his future but also his past and lead him to confront the darkest of memories. What he thought was real may have only been dreams. And what he believed to be dreams may turn out to be real.

Only he knows if he has killed someone, but the answer will not reveal itself without a fight.

9 of 42 chapters uploaded. Complete at 67,500 words.

Aimed at 14 to 114 year-olds.
ie. from the upper end of YA to AA (ancient adult).


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I wrote 974 days ago

I'm not sure I'd read the whole book as you're basically preaching to the converted and I didn't find anything new for me in the first 2 chapters. But any book which helps promote the idea that organized religion is a completely misguided waste of time, energy and resources has to be a good thing. view book

I wrote 1024 days ago

Having realised I'd read and enjoyed the start of this over a year ago, I dipped in at random in chapter 36 and fell straight into the atmosphere of it. Great, natural dialogue and characters and entertaining events - the football, the knickers... Lovely stuff, Tom! view book

I wrote 1028 days ago

Quality. view book

I wrote 1028 days ago

I'm big fan of alternating points of view and you've given us a clear insight into Elizabeth and Henry here, and also set the story up really well. This is how History should be taught - by reading books like this. view book

I wrote 1036 days ago

Hi Mary, I'll leave comments as I go. The short pitch makes me want to read, and though the long pitch contains the elements to do so too - the disrupted life, the manila envelope, the different future - I think you can make it more dramatic. The opening is very visual and atmospheric, but as yo... view book

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