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Two freshmen at Carthage College (Phillip Allmon[Profile Picture] and Keaton Riley). Hence the name Allmon Riley. Decided to write a series of fantasy novels a few months ago and never knew we'd actually go this far with it. If you like novels filled with supernatural action that intertwines with modern day society then check out the first installment of the Stone Masters saga : Heroes of Lydonia. All feedback is welcomed and if you like it then back us.

My Literary Inspirations
J.K Rowling
Stephanie Meyers
And of course the great Stan Lee!

favourite books

Harry Potter Series
Twilight Series
Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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https://www.facebook.com/vivalaphame     https://twitter.com/#!/Rickyyy_Spanish

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my books

Stone Masters Saga : Heroes of....

Phillip Allmon

"The Heroes of Lydonia are honor bound to return whenever we are needed, my lord. I fear our universe faces destruction once more."

The first installment of The Stone Masters Saga, Heroes of Lydonia is a story that follows a group of college students whose lives are changed forever after acquiring strange new abilities during an unforeseen thunderstorm. It starts as all fun and games as they do what any young adult would do with their powers : play around. However, playing around with these powers plunges their world into chaos after one of them accidentally kills another student in front of the whole campus. From that moment on the group of teens are forced to flee their college and avoid pursuit of the US Military and President Hutchinson's band of assassin, Sector 82. But this isn't the only thing they have to worry about. Along with the attainment of their powers, they release an evil army known as the Shitani who plan on destroying everything in the universe. Earth now turns into the battlefield as the Lydonian Army, The Stone Masters, come to Earth to vanquish this evil. Now the teens must choose: use their powers to aid the Shitani army, or save the world that has branded them as criminals. The war for our planet has begun.


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my comments


I wrote 644 days ago

This starts off very quickly. The old woman with the omen really struck me but your writing style makes it very difficult to read. I say work on your punctuation and common grammar mistakes. I've added this to my watchlist but i suggest that you re-work this a little. It's an interesting story, just... view book

I wrote 669 days ago

I really like how you start this one with the end of book one. It made me have to stop and go back to the first book. I will be keeping this on my watchlist until I can finish book one. Keep an eye out for when I comment again. Good work so far. -Phillip Allmon (1/2 of Allmon Riley) view book

I wrote 680 days ago

I've taken everyone's advice into consideration and revamped chapter one. If you have time, check it out. view book

I wrote 707 days ago

Added this to my watchlist because it reminds me of my book Stone Masters: Heroes of Lydonia. Definitely gonna take a look at this view book

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