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I've been writing since I was eight, but it didn't sink in that writing was my future until I was nineteen. Since then I've written treatments for over one hundred books in nearly every genre. My first completed novel, Costly Obsession: Animalize the first novel of the Costly Obsession trilogy, was recently released earlier this year and book two, Costly Obsession: Decay, has just been released. When not writing or taking care of my little domestic zoo, I enjoy painting and playing music. My biggest fan is my amazing husband of twenty years, but that's only fair since I'm his biggest fan too.

I'm currently working real hard to complete book three Unleashed so I'm not doing a lot of reading. I hope to have it available next winter. I'll probably try reading a little on the weekends there seem to be a lot of good books out there and I'm eager to support them.

Also, I know I'm a newbie and I may be cutting my own throat, but I will NEVER ask you to support my book just because I have supported yours. I believe a persons work should speak for itself, if my work is good it will get where it needs to go.

One last thing, I have no problem checking out your book suggestions, but please if your book has vulgar language, blasphemy, or sex in it I won't read or support it. I know your time is valuable to you and I wouldn't want to take it up messaging me when it will not result in positive feedback for you. Thank you for your time and respect and God bless you.

Jesus Rocks!

favourite books

The Bible
The Works of Jane Austen
The Works of Shakespeare
Pilgrims Progress
The Left Behind Series
Watchers- Dean Koontz
Last Light- Terri Blackstock
Piercing the Darkness- Frank Peretti

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Sasha Pruett

Trevor's first nightmare rose him from his bed, this one brings a man back from the dead. Eric Ramis is being stalked... by death.

No one ever said that growing up was easy and those who may have never grew up with Eric Ramis. Eric’s mother had moved to the suburbs of Michigan to give her son a better chance for his future, one without gangs. Unfortunately gangs are a plague that society has yet to come close to wiping out. Gang life consumed Eric, ripping apart his sanity, soul, and his very life. He became a scout, next a mule. Then he made his first huge mistake, Eric was jumped in. Year after year he fought, robbed, and murdered. He made it his personal obligation to bring down the Ten Commandments at fifteen years of age. Silently, suddenly, the lights went out, leaving Eric alone in a black pit of despair. Drifting away, reality gone, empty. He’d been shot before, it was no big deal, in fact it was a badge of honor, but this time was different, this time he was dead. Immediately the fire began to engulf him, burning his flesh and scorching his skin. With a flash of light it was all over, Eric was laying on the cold metal table in the o.r., but his ride was just begining.


Costly Obsession: Animalize

Sasha Pruett

A South Carolina's demonic past comes back with a vengeance and a thirst for blood that can't be quenched.

In one long, horror filled night a young boy will fight for his own soul, but will he or his obsession win?
Costly Obsession is a spine tingling tale of the war for the souls of mankind in three hair raising volumes. Volume one, Animalize, opens with ten year old Trevor's first foray into the world of nightmares that plague him through the night.
Hiking through the woods by the lake, a group of teens find a cave, and a book that brings Epson’s past back to life. With the book in hand, around a beachside campfire, the boys speak the forbidden words that bring forth a curse. Now a predator more gruesome, violent, and cunning than ever seen before hunts the residents of their small town. As the mutilated bodies pile up, including the town sheriff’s, terrible rumors start to slither throughout as the town starts to panic.The fate of Epson and the lives of its residents all rest upon an untold history. One of jealousy, denial, rage, hatred, and the very curse that is now lurking within their town.
Animalize is complete and Decay, book two, should be complete this summer!


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Thank you for your comment, I read through your bio and it seems that you're as quirky (or should I say unique) as I am. I wanted to let you know that if you enjoy the first book it is available in it's entirety for free through Smashwords and other book retailers for a short time to coincide with t... view book

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