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Come and find me at my website where there's stuff on who I am and how to reach me.

Thanks to all those who've helped hone APT to its present form and to any who might take a look at its sequel while I try and bring that up to form.

favourite books

Jane Austen, Persuasion
Mary Doria Russell, The Sparrow
Diana Wynne Jones, The Power of Three
Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Good Omens
Dorothy L Sayers, Strong Poison

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The Tangled Web

Lindsay Llewellyn

Kayt'an returns home from her travels, but all is not well in Kansas.

Kayt'an Sahn longs for peace and for home, but somehow the journey there keeps getting longer. Cast out by her own temple and haunted by guilt, she wants to make things right again.
But when the weave is as tangled as this one, perhaps the only solution is a knife.

I appreciate reading a sequel is rarely inviting unless you've read book one (book one is available as a kindle for barely more than the price of a cup of coffee) so chapter 1 is a synopsis of book 1.
Feel free to skip straight to chpt 2.
TTW is complete, but I've not got round to uploading it all.


A Priest's Tale

Lindsay Llewellyn

When does the end cease to justify the means?
Kayt'an Sahn has been sent to stop a bloody conflict - but at what cost?

While a princess waits for her handsome prince, a priest sets out on a journey she didn't choose, in company she'd rather avoid, to a country where priests of her religion are killed on sight.

If she's going to survive in this strange new world, she's going to have to fight for her principles and face her prejudices - but first she needs to discover which is which.

This book is a finished work - see www.APriestsTale.com
It is the sequel - The Tangled Web - that I'm working on.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 1 day ago

Lindsay, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its fu....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 24 days ago

Lindsay, How's life treating you these days? My book "The North Kore....

JustinSirois wrote 107 days ago

Lindsay, I thought you might be into this new novel about an app t....

D.J.Milne wrote 150 days ago

Hi Lindsay, I was wondering of you might have time this month to tak....

Mark Cain wrote 179 days ago

A COLD DAY IN HELL is still in the revision phase. It's funny, but no....

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I wrote 194 days ago

This is a good read, though not usually my thing. You write in an assured fashion and cover very difficult issues with aplomb. Well done. Lindsay The Tangled Web. view book

I wrote 196 days ago

Right, Sam, back for another uber-critical sess. Chpt 9 I like this. Another shift in tone. "match the voice to a face, but it does not come. ,,,"  Then you start to describe the man. I think I know what you mean - that the vision is coming slowly - but I cannot tell if it is 'seen' or remembered... view book

I wrote 201 days ago

This is a very imaginative work, Sam and I'm still enjoying it. Here is the detail: Much better short pitch! Chpt 6: An excellent chapter, flows better. "Dax stares at the building wide-eyed" probably wants a comma, but I'm not sure 'wide-eyed'  works here. Love the description of the cathedra... view book

I wrote 206 days ago

Thanks for inviting me to read this,Sam, I enjoyed it very much. What follows is criticism, if you like, for the sake of criticism - I was looking for things to fork out, to justify my existence as a reviewer: Not sure about your short pitch. Generally, using your opening line in your pitch is c... view book

I wrote 206 days ago

Sam, thanks for comment below. Have added a synopsis of Book 1 so that hopefully the prologue makes a bit more sense! Lindsay view book

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