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I wrote 1458 days ago

I was absolutely riveted to this first chapter. I think I even forgot where I was for a while. I didn’t actually notice any mistakes; I was just swept away by the story and by your skill as a writer. I will definitely read more later. Good luck and backed. view book

I wrote 1482 days ago

I like the beginning with the bells, and the cat taking us through the streets and history of the city – leading us on into the story. The dimly lit room with the man and the girl. She has a gift of sight into what is to be. Good end to the chapter with the tall man and the promise of what Esrella s... view book

I wrote 1482 days ago

OK. Not only is this hilarious, it is very well written - easy to read, great characterization, good dialogue. On top of that the storyline is unusual. Great opening too BTW. Thumbs up. I would buy this if I flipped it open in a bookshop and read the first paragraph. GPJ view book

I wrote 1484 days ago

A heartwarming story. I always had horses when I was young and you really seem to have caught their essence. I can see a lot of young girls loving this book. Good luck with it. GJ view book

I wrote 1485 days ago

A lovely story which is well written. I like the concept and three parts. I can see children loving this children love facts and instructions, even fictional ones. Then there is the story in the middle which is written in the old fashioned style of all your favourite authors. I can imagine this book... view book

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