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Well I'm back folks. Yes I won a publishing contract but sadly could not agree on a final edit with my publisher so, like all good things, that came to an end. Who was right is a matter of opinion. That's why I'm back on Authonomy. Before I finally give up I'd like to give things another bash.

Oh sorry about the Big Daddy thing but they wouldn't let me use Daniel Delacy (but it is me, honest).

Apocalypse Then is a series comprising 4 already completed novels. The first of the series, Stormbringer, is complete at 97, 500 words with the first few chapters posted on this site. The second book, Boulevard of Broken Dreams is complete at nearly 80,000 words and part three, Heaven's Door is currently in production and will run to about 70,000 words whilst Part 4 is currently unnamed but weighs in at 76,000 words but requires an edit. Part Five, Angels, is currently in the planning and research stage.

Apocalypse Then parts one and two are currently on sale at Amazon.

At the moment I am without representation. If you wish to contact me try either here or e-mail me at robc959@googlemail.com

One winter’s morning in the mid-nineties I found myself in a convoy that had just departed from the Bosnian town of Tuzla. It was a few days after Christmas. The sun shone brightly in a clear blue sky as that convoy pulled to a halt in a river valley just the other side of the Maglaj finger.

Taking advantage of the pause in our journey I climbed down from the truck to stretch my legs. At the river’s edge I leant down and scooped a handful of the ice cold water. As I lifted the water to my lips, the peace of the valley was broken by a distant whirring hum.

Before I had looked up three Apache attack helicopters flew out of an adjacent vale and followed the river’s path to our position. They flew so low that as the copters passed by I could see the pilot’s face. Almost in the blink of an eye they were gone.

It was a sight of awesome speed and power.

Later that day I had switched from my truck to the lead Land Rover. The sky that had been crisply blue had turned to a more seasonable overcast and brooding grey.

We were passing through a village in central Bosnia. Like so many others this village bore the scars of war. Some houses lay in ruins from the shelling; the walls of those that were still intact stood pockmarked by small arms fire. The village mosque's minaret lay shattered at the roadside.

All of this you grew used to.

You never got used to the human cost though.

Men of 40 and 50 would stand at the roadside at intersections in the hope of a handout so that they could feed their families. These men invariably wore the tattered remnants of uniforms they had not chosen to wear. My meagre words cannot do justice to the look in their eyes.

Along the side of the road children played and also hoped for handouts from the foreigners who drove along Bosnia’s roads. There was a rule that you never gave to one unless you could give to all so, since most of us were tapped out by this point, we just stared straight ahead and drove on.

Then I made a mistake. One little girl, she could have been anywhere from 5 to 7 years old, waved at our Land Rover. I smiled in return. She ran alongside for over a hundred yards but I had nothing to give. So I turned my head, looked straight ahead and felt ashamed.

War is many things.

This is all I will ever write about Bosnia. Somethings are simply too personal.

I chose to write about a different war.

Stormbringer and The Boulevard of Broken Dreams are available from Amazon.

favourite books

The Great Gatsby
Stamboul Train
The Third Man
Tender is the Night
Wuthering Heights
Flashman at the Charge
Flashman and the Great Game
Homage to Catalonia
The Sword of Honour trilogy
The Winter King trilogy
The Lord of the Rings
Les Miserables

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my books

Stormbringer: Apocalypse Then ....

Daniel DeLacy

Some crimes you never stop paying for

I've often heard people remark that everyone can remember where they were when earth shattering events took place.

They remember where they were when Kennedy was shot, when the Berlin Wall came down and when the planes flew into the towers in New York.

How many remember where they were when the most destructive war in history began on the 1st of September 1939?

I remember.

I should remember.

I started it.


Heaven's Door (Apocalypse Th....

Daniel DeLacy

18.57hrs 26th of May 1940. Admiralty General Order for attention of Vice-Admiral Ramsay, Dover: Operation Dynamo to commence forthwith.

For one week in the summer of 1940 Great Britain would look defeat in the eye as it tried to rescue the 250,000 men of the British Expeditionary Force from impending annihilation in the fields of France.

In order to qualify for the 1939–45 Campaign Star, a British Army trooper would have to complete 6 months service in an operational command…… or spend one day on the beaches at Dunkirk.

Major Robert L Parker would spend seven there.

This is the story of those seven days.


The Boulevard of Broken Dreams....

Daniel DeLacy

"Lord, let Thy mercy be shewed upon us;
As we put our trust in thee,
O God, the father of heaven;
Have mercy upon us"

1400hrs 25th May, 1940. Telegram from Anthony Eden, Secretary of State for war:

"The eyes of the Empire are upon the defence of Calais, and H.M. Government are confident you and your gallant regiments will perform an exploit worthy of the British name."

There lay the army of the dead.

Regimented row after regimented row, still lined up on the station’s platform.

The sight of those corpses stopped me in my tracks. Almost in a daze I took my seat, occupying the single empty slot in the nearest file.

What the hell was happening?

Hell had to be the word. I thought that I’d been through hell before but surely nothing could be worse than this?

How had it all come to this?

How had it come to this?

When Major Robert Leroy Parker, Welsh Guards, was questioned about inadvertently starting WW2 and then accidentally saving Hitler's life his response was: "anyone can make a mistake!"

In the Spring of 1940 Rob Parker will have to live with the consequences of these mistakes as he's thrown into the Allied front line to await the juggernaut that is the iron fist of the Nazis. His one thought: "Bring it on!"


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